Ron here with something that seems to go against popular opinion.

In truth, most networkers kind of go into hibernation from the middle of November through the end of December.

They get fed up with hearing prospects tell them, “Sounds great. See me after the holidays.”

Not just that, but they themselves are distracted by all the holiday commotion.

But let me tell you from personal experience.  The holiday season can be a BONANZA for recruiting for a couple of perfectly obvious reasons.

#1. People NEED a way to earn more money now. 
They don’t want the hassle of getting another job. They need a way to make money that doesn’t require them working a schedule set by somebody else.  That makes what you offer PERFECT for them.

#2. Everyone’s circle of contacts dramatically expands during the holidays.
You connect with old friends and meet new ones.  There are house parties, office parties, getting together for drinks, or a cup of coffee.  You make more phone calls and send more emails to catch up with others.

#3. New Year’s resolutions almost always include making more money and engaging in some sort of self-improvement.
More than any other time of the year, folks become aware of their discontent and their desire to see things improve. That’s what New Year’s resolutions are all about.  YOU offer people a way to make those resolutions come true.

So, follow me here.

With ALL THAT GOING FOR YOU, can you see how strategically working harder during the last 6 weeks of the year can set you up to start the new year with a whole bunch of excited new people?

Doesn’t it just make sense to really HAMMER IT right now?  Work hard at this time.  People NEED you and what you offer.

If you’re running out of excited, fresh new people to talk with, then NOW is the time to CALL MORE LEADS.  Remember they’re experiencing the exact same things I just covered up above.

Help your leads understand just how GOOD the timing is right now.

And you can all CASH-IN on the holiday rush.

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