Now it’s time to get into action. We offer a variety of different levels of pre-qualified leads. When you you’ll see the most popular kinds that our customers typically order. They are ALL good! It’s just  that different reps prefer some kinds over others. Many people start by ordering one of each package.
With prices that low, you can see why. This way you can experience which types work best for you.  It’s completely your choice, so start with what ever price point is most comfortable to you.


Package 1
Regular Price $109
100 Real Time Telephone Interviewed Leads. Live Leads.
You Set How Many Per Day
Package 2
Regular Price $107
25 Qualified Real Time Telephone Interviewed Leads.
You Set How Many Per Day
Package 3
Regular Price $75
25 FEMALE ONLY FIVE QUESTION Long Form Leads. Live Leads.
You Set How Many Per Day
Package 4
Regular Price $78
200 Real Time Short Form Optin Leads. Live Leads.
You Set How Many Per Day
Package 5
Regular Price $106
200 Fresh Telephone Interviewed Leads. (0-48 hrs old)
You Set How Many Per Day


LIMIT OF 4 Per Customer

The Leadpower leads are great & when people are already asking about searching for an opportunity it is a few questions already completed in the process but it's all about if they want to change thier life or stay the way they are now. All lead packages are great so what ever level is in your budget it's worth it.

Ernie G. ... Black Oxygen Organics

I have worked every type of lead for Network Marketing from various lead companies, from low-priced leads to very expensive leads. The new LeadPower Career leads are not only extremely cost effective, but the quality of the conversations have been excellent. Just make sure you follow the script Ron created exactly, it is located in the 8-page training manual in the Career leads section. Great job Ron!!! Magnificent phone call script!!! I will use the Career leads as part of my long-term marketing plan. John - Dallas, TX I will definitely reorder the Career leads from LeadPower on a long-term basis. They are an incredible overall value that create great conversations if the script Ron created is followed exactly word for word. John - Dallas, TX

John L. ... Network Marketing

Network Marketer

Very good leads and delivered in a timely fashion


I have purchased the 50 lead and 25 lead packages

Keeping constant activity speaking with well interviewed prospects and finding the information to be accurate

Because it is the best lead company I have worked with so far

Hiram J.

The service and quality of this company are the best I have experienced in over 30 years in network marketing. The conversion rate of leads has been higher than any other lead provider I have done business with, and there have been a lot. I highly recommend this company, LEAD POWER, as I believe you will be delighted in the way they do their business. I certainly will reorder since I have seen a continual growth rate in my downline using the leads, service, and training provided by LEAD POWER.

Network Marketer-32 years full time

I've been in the industry for 32 years full time. I'e tried many traffic and lead companies. I've known Ron and Lead Power for years and their one of the few lead companies that passed the test of time and been in business for decades. I decided to give the traffic to my web site a try, I'm happy to say I've received Incredible results! I now have my team receiving company specific leads! Bravo!


Traffic to specific company lead capture page

Instant leads put into my team!

Just do it!

Chris L ... I'm happy to say I've received Incredible results!

LeadPower is the best company I ever used. I was able to recruit 44 people on my team using LeadPower leads. Ron and his staff are superb! They provide quality training. They truly care about your success. Fear of the phone. Get on their LIVE lead calls. Problem solved! Compared to other companies I used in the past, LeadPower is by far the best value. You can't beat their lead packages. I've been using LeadPower for years and continue to use them for the foreseeable future.

Noel F. ... LegalShield

The prospects from Lead Power have been great! Ive had much success using Lead Power. I have used many other lead companies before and Lead Power has produced the best results. I will only use Lead Power! Yes!

Jackie R ... Melaleuca

There are many business lead sources online and Leadpower is my top choice with real results. You can not go wrong with Leadpower leads. Leadpower leads are cost effective and I plan on reordering often.

Harvey V. ... CTFO