(Helping you take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!)!

Since 1998 we have provided leads to Over 174,000 Network Marketers!

LEAD POWER is NOT a Network Marketing company. However, we ARE one of  the world’s largest, most successful, most reputable VENDOR of the highest quality leads, specializing in the Network Marketing profession.

LEAD POWER truly is your ultimate one-stop-shop for the very best Home Based Business and MLM leads! We provide you with only the freshest, most up-to-date leads possible, to help you build a successful, profitable, and sustainable business.

NEVER AGAIN WORRY about not having enough prospects to talk to about your business.

  • NO bugging family and friends.
  • NO wasted time and money learning how to advertise
  • NO time spent blogging or creating videos that never get seen
  • NO building expensive sales funnels, or endless hours writing copy

ALL THE LEADS you receive from us are highly qualified individuals who have stepped up and identified themselves as being interested in getting involved with a home based business. You just have to reach out and connect with them.

IN ADDITION to delivering top Quality MLM Lead Generation Services, we pride ourselves in providing excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. You can reach LIVE Customer Service Representatives either by phone or by email, whichever is best for you. It is our stated company policy to go ‘the extra mile’ to keep you a happy, repeat customer.

ON TOP OF THAT you get GENUINE TRAINING on how to contact, present, and close the leads you order from us. This is NOT a bunch of philosophy, some flimsy pamphlet, or a load of ‘fluff’ either. Besides giving you access to an extensive 20-Module Recorded Training Series, you will be able to participate in FREE EVENTS where we do “Live Dials”.

During these “Live Dial” training sessions our lead instructor will actually call our leads on the phone and make presentations while you get to LISTEN IN. Then, we do a detailed analysis of the calls and answer your questions. This is quite simply TOP OF THE LINE training! Even better, there is NO CHARGE for these “Live Dial” training sessions. Yes, they are FREE!

If you are serious about achieving success with your business,
THEN Lead Power is your only choice for MLM leads & training.

AND THERE’S STILL MORE!  We provide you with our proprietary user-interface Back Office that delivers your leads in real-time and gives you access to your data 24/7.

You will get a username and password and have direct access to all your leads and information whenever you want it.  Every time we generate a new lead, you will be notified by email and the data will be placed in your back office as an added back-up.

Network Marketing Leads



Our Most Popular Packages!


200 Real Time Short Forms
15 Leads Daily/20 Days
Free live training
10% Overage
Monthly Autoship (Cancel Anytime)
No Weekend Lead Deliveries
Smaller Daily lead amounts can be requested at checkout
Refunds-See Policy
Real Time


200 Fresh Telephone Interviewed
15 Leads Daily/20 Days
Free live training
10% Overage
Monthly Autoship (Cancel Anytime)
No Weekend Lead Deliveries
Smaller Daily lead amounts can be requested at checkout
Refunds-See Policy
0-48 Hours Old


600 Real Time Short Forms
30 Leads Daily/20 Days
Free live training
10% Overage
Monthly Autoship (Cancel Anytime)
No Weekend Lead Deliveries
Smaller Daily lead amounts can be requested at checkout
Refunds-See Policy
Real Time


600 Fresh Telephone Interviewed
30 Leads Daily/20 Days
Free live training
10% Overage
Monthly Autoship (Cancel Anytime)
No Weekend Lead Deliveries
Smaller Daily lead amounts can be requested at checkout
Refunds-See Policy
0-48 Hour Old

Super Clicks

75 Unique Super Targeted Clicks.
USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)


Our Short Form MLM Leads provide vital contact information for interested prospects who have asked about starting a home business.

Our Phone Interviewed Leads are not just contacted lists. Prospects have confirmed interest in learning more about home based

Super Clicks

Get started with whichever Traffic package best suits your needs and start bringing in sales and enrollments now.

There are over 240 area codes in the US. We can deliver leads generated daily.

Over 50 million job seekers here in the USA want more money, increased opportunities for growth, and better work schedules.

Join our affiliate program and earn free leads. This is a great way to get the word out about our leads and to build your business.

Register and get 10 free real-time business opportunity leads. These leads are real time short form leads and are responsive. No credit card required!

Below, I summarize all our lead offers on one page we have over 20 different lead types to choose from.

Total Customers Since 1998

174,000 +

Phone Interviewed Leads [Monthly]

26,000 +

Super Targeted CLICKS [Monthly]

32,000 +

Real Time Short Forms [Monthly]

42,000 +

  • Our Telephone Interviewed Leads are not merely contacted lists, they are far better.
    Our Verification Department has contacted each individual before you receive that lead. This ensures they are a real person who has expressed seriousness in wanting to start a home-based business. You will receive all their contact information along with the best time to call.  This way you stand the best chance of connecting with them quickly and conveniently. We also offer “FEMALE ONLY” Telephone Interviewed Leads for any business that prefers exclusively contacting women.

  • Our Real-Time Short Form Leads are the hottest thing around for Home Based Business and MLM leads! These leads are absolutely the freshest possible!

    Here’s how it works. A person sees one of our websites and requests information about working from home by filling out our online forms. Within seconds of clicking “Submit,” their information is emailed directly to you! By delivering the leads instantly, you will be able to contact them immediately, possibly while they’re still online! Our high-speed technology works wonders. Your prospects will be AMAZED that a real person is available to help them just moments after filling out a request for more information!  Real-Time Network Marketing Leads are available in the United States only.

Our Company Mission
LEAD POWER’s #1 GOAL is to always provide you with the very best Network Marketing leads, tools, and training to help you build your Network Marketing business.

The single most important thing that will determine your success (or failure) in Network Marketing is to always have plenty of the right people to talk to about your business. Having a constant stream of new prospects looking at your business on a daily basis is by far the most critical task for developing a successful, profitable and sustainable business.

The next essential element is for you to possess the right skill set. You must know what to say and when to say it. Say the right things to the right people and you will be able to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams. But use the wrong words, and things can go sideways pretty fast.

With both of the above points in mind, we provide you with an on-going supply of the best real-time prospects who are looking for ways to make additional income working from home. We also provide you with the scripts, the support, and the training calls to develop your skill set and enjoy the success and the lifestyle you desire!

Here at Lead Power we speak with the authority of experience. You see, we have been generating high-quality leads since 1998 and have helped well over 172,000 network marketers. Our company founder is known for being a trusted industry leader and ultra-successful network marketer himself, withNetwork Marketing Leads a track record spanning more than 20 years.

He personally built downline distributor teams numbering in the Hundreds of Thousands, and did it with several companies! Clearly, he understands our profession and the daily problems you face. All this real-world experience enables us to PROMISE YOU the very highest quality leads combined with the best training.

Our Philisophy
Our philosophy is simple and straightforward: i.e. There are 2 critically important factors that will ultimately determine your success in Network Marketing.

You must have enough of the right people to talk to about your business on a daily basis.
You must know the right things to say and avoid saying all the wrong things.
We understand that your goal is to make money, not to spend it wastefully. With that in mind, Lead Power believes in providing you with the very best value for every dollar you invest in building your business.

We Can Deliver
In a world overrun by hype and un-kept promises, here at Lead Power we believe in keeping our promises.

You get the precise details about how each one of our leads is generated, depending on the category you select. In addition, we do whatever is necessary to absolutely ensure we always have enough volume to keep up with your demand.

There are 3 categories of leads we deliver that are all focused on the Network Marketing profession.

Here is a breakdown of our numbers. 3,000 Phone-Interviewed Leads are produced weekly. 1,500 Long Form Surveyed Leads and 4,500 Real-Time Short Forms Leads are produced weekly.

With nearly 40,000 real-time leads generated every month, we are far and away the largest and most successful lead generation source for network marketers..

The Best Training
Having a daily supply of great leads is only ONE PART of the system. You must also have the right skill set to make effective presentations and close deals. We provide pre-recorded lessons in a 20-Module Training Series PLUS we have hands-on LIVE TRAINING that delivers both immediate and long-lasting results.

You will be able to participate in our LIVE DIAL Training Calls weekly. During these eye-opening live phone conferences, our lead instructor gets on the phone and calls our own leads, while you get to listen in. He has conversations with these prospects just like the ones you’ll be having.

This is REAL training, not a bunch of theory or philosophy. You get to experience real-life situations done in real time. Following the calls, the instructor analyzes what happened for everyone’s benefit. Afterward, there’s a question-and-answer segment. Typically, we have hundreds of reps silently listening in on the conference line. Sometimes one of them will ask a question you didn’t think of, so you get to learn far more than if these were merely one-on-one lessons.

This is genuine training at its very best. There’s NOTHING ELSE that can compare!