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Record numbers of people are actively seeking to change jobs and launch new careers at this very moment.

Over 50 million job seekers here in the USA want more money, increased opportunities for growth, and better work schedules.  Best of all, they are looking to make a change right now, not sometime in the imaginary future.

Our JOB/CAREER LEADS are a great alternative resource for Network Marketers who want to recruit talented new distributors who have business skills.

As a Network Marketer, you have a business/income opportunity to offer these motivated people that can provide them with all the advantages they are seeking.

Here’s a meaningful fact. Just because someone has taken the time to create a resume and is looking for a job, does NOT stop them from also being open to looking at a business opportunity that could provide them with the income, time freedom, and growth opportunities they desire.

It is important to note that while these job seekers could be excellent prospects for your business, they will require a DIFFERENT APPROACH than you would use with a lead who showed interest in a home business opportunity.

That is why we’ve created CUSTOM SCRIPTS to communicate with these JOB SEEKER LEADS.


Custom Script for
Career / Job Seeker Leads

Career Leads Generate

Using the right wording is absolutely essential to being successful with these exceptional leads. There’s no worry about being awkward or ever feeling at a loss for words. That’s because we have crafted a specific solution that enables you to have powerfully effective conversations with these high-quality individuals.

In these SPECIALIZED SCRIPTS, you will be asking different questions than you would with home business opportunity seekers. Asking these definitive questions will allow you to quickly sort out the people who are open to discussing a home business opportunity that provides alternative income options and separating them from those individuals who are strictly limited to only looking for a job.


In addition to these proven, field-tested scripts, we invite you to join us for “Live Dial” training.  You get to listen in as our Master Instructor calls actual leads in real-time.  These ultra-effective training sessions are conducted 12 times a month and they are FREE.

This means that instead of spending your own time to teach your new recruits how to call their leads, our experts will provide the scripts and the personalized instruction that does it for you.


What is Career Leads?

These prospects have all responded to ads like the one above, and others that are very similar.  This way you know they took personal action to get the additional information and learn what this is all about.


As you already know, achieving success in Network Marketing is based on having the ability for you and your team to connect with enough qualified people on a daily, weekly, & monthly basis.

Above all else, you must constantly focus on expanding your team. That is what creates leverage of time, effort, and income. The total results are multiplied by many times when your team members are each contacting several new prospects every day. Keeping your reps busy with revenue-generating activities will ensure their success… and yours!

By adding JOB/CAREER SEEKER LEADS to your team’s activity, you gain a wonderfully new alternative way to grow your business with talented people.

Ways To Generate Job Leads

100 Leads
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200 Leads
First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone and IP Address + 10% Overage
500 Leads
First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone and IP Address + 10% Overage
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Our Leads are GUARANTEED.  For refunds, see policy.

Lead Generation

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