Local Leads

Here is your opportunity to build your local business by getting leads daily from your area code. There are 257 area codes in the US… And we can deliver leads to each of these Area Codes!

Your Leads are delivered at 8:00AM Daily!






How This Works…

  • You have the choice of 3 great options [See Options Below]
  • You can work consistently – NO IDLE TIME!
  • We call this the Momentum Creator! DAILY INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY
  • With each lead you get the following information: Email Address, Name, Phone, Time & Date Stamp, and IP Address
  • We will then place your leads will then in your LeadPower Control Panel. I will email you your Username & Password to access this panel and a link to view your leads.
  • Lead deliveries are Monday – Friday (Sometimes on Saturday & Sunday)
  • Free Live Training & Call Script Provided.


Cancellation Policy:
You may cancel anytime, but it will take effect the next business day.
All Sales are final. There are no refunds. Cancellation must be received by 3:00 PM EST
and only received BY FAX. Our Fax: (423) 536-6023. No phone or email request will be taken.

Replacement Policy:
All orders will receive an extra 10% overage to account for any bad records.
No further replacements or refunds can be offered.