You may not like this message.  But it is REAL TALK.

Look, I get it.  Most of what you read in other people’s emails (including mine) is full of “Happy Talk”.

Those messages pump you up, or try to make you feel good, or tell you what you want to hear.


That’s not helping you.

Real-life is not all “Happy Talk”.  Sometimes you’ve got to be told that you’re screwing up.

If you’ve ever been on a winning team, you know your coach didn’t tell you only what you WANTED to hear.  Your coach told you what you NEEDED to hear.

You probably hated it at the time (even if you knew it was true.)

That’s what this letter is.  I’ve got a TOUGH MESSAGE for you.

I see it time and time again.

Your EGO can get in the way of reaching the success you deserve.

I’m talking about those of you who buy leads from us at Lead Power, then IGNORE WHAT WORKS, and attempt to go about calling our leads your own way… because you “know what you’re doing”.

Your attitude is that you have YEARS OF EXPERIENCE and you don’t need to learn what we have to teach.

But that is a LIE.

In truth, what most people have is a few MONTHS of experience… repeated year after year.


Are you one of those who have been lying to themselves?  It’s OK to admit it.  It’s just you and me here.  Nobody else needs to know.

I’m not looking to BLAME you or make you feel GUILTY.  I’m only interested in helping you BE PROFITABLE.


You tell others they need to be teachable, coachable, and trainable. Well, that goes for you too.


Help is available.  It’s private.  It’s effective.  It’s proven.  And best of all, it’s FREE!

CLICK HERE to get this powerful, eye-opening, copyrighted training guide.

Don’t just READ IT.  Nope.  You must APPLY the techniques listed inside.

You will understand what’s there faster than any newbie ever could.  You’ll see where you’re going wrong.  In fact, you’ll get the whole “Map of The Minefield” so you can stop blowing yourself up with common mistakes.

These powerful strategies, techniques, and tactics will STREAMLINE your daily method of operation.

You’ll not only know all the places where you’ve been hurting yourself, you’ll see the CLEAR SOLUTIONS to becoming MASSIVELY PROFITABLE. (And isn’t THAT what you really want?)

CLICK HERE NOW and get the answers you need.  It’s all written in plain language, with easy-to-follow steps that will take you from where you are now, to the successful results you’re seeking.

Put your EGO aside.  Put your STUDENT hat back on.  Once again, become the TEACHABLE, TRAINABLE person you must be.

Then, you will begin to see a clear path to living the lifestyle of your dreams.

P.S. You’ve heard the expression “TOUGH LOVE”? Well, put this letter in that category. I have no ax to grind, other than you becoming successful. Please accept this message in that spirit.