What in the world can ORANGE JUICE & DISH SOAP teach you about how to be ultra-successful with your home business?

Even more thought-provoking, how can you vastly MULTIPLY your personal power… without needing ANY additional energy?

Here are 2 words that can help you understand a very important principle that is true at EVERY LEVEL of the physical world… CONCENTRATE & FOCUS.

One of the common uses of the word CONCENTRATE has to do with ORANGE JUICE. We also refer to some brands of DISH SOAP and LAUNDRY DETERGENT as being CONCENTRATED.

It is often easier to understand the meaning of a word by looking at its opposite. The opposite of concentration is DILUTION. You know what that means. It’s when something is watered down.

CONCENTRATE in this sense means that nothing else is added. It’s just one single thing. It’s not diluted.

The concentrate is strong. When diluted it becomes weak.

FOCUS is the other word I want to bring to your attention.

As a kid, maybe you played with a magnifying glass and used it to burn little bits of paper, or some dry grass in the yard, or even ants. (I know SOME of you did that. LOL)

Think about it. There was no difference in the amount of sunlight before you used the magnifier. There was precisely the exact same amount of lightwave energy available.

However, when you used the magnifying glass, and then FOCUSED the beam and CONCENTRATED the energy, you had an entirely different result. One that could start fires.

NO additional energy was needed. You simply FOCUSED the available supply of light and greatly MULTIPLIED its power.

NOW HERE’S THE ASTOUNDING TRUTH… you can do exactly the same thing with your business.

When you FOCUS your energy, you magnify your power.

When you CONCENTRATE your efforts, your results are multiplied by many times.

NOW GET THIS… your business results become far greater WITHOUT USING ANY EXTRA ENERGY.

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