It’s not IF, but WHEN. Here’s how LEADS become REPS.

Of course, not every single lead is a buyer. But let’s reverse it.

EVERY SINGLE NEW CUSTOMER/REP was once somebody’s prospect/lead.

Look. It’s simple.

SOMEBODY is going to sign that lead-up.  Why not YOU?

Think about it.

You have a person who wants to make money from home. That person sees our ad and fills out an opt-in form. A member of our staff calls to verify the name, phone number, and interest in looking at a work-from-home opportunity. We notify them to expect someone to make contact with the details.

Here’s someone who took the first step and wants to make money from home.

Then, that lead is emailed to you in real time.

The only variable in the entire process is YOU and your SKILL LEVEL.

That’s why we are so fanatical in making sure you know exactly what to say and what to do with each and every lead you get from us.

We provide you with the best, field-tested, and proven scripts. You get short, to-the-point training videos. We conduct multiple “Live Dial” training calls every month.

The best part is that not only do we train you for free, but we also teach and train your newest recruits, so you don’t have to.  That way, everybody is using the same system.

It’s the very definition of DUPLICATION.