All EXCUSES are equal. But here’s how to SUCCEED ANYWAY!

Here’s a story that makes a powerful point.

A neighbor who was always borrowing stuff came and asked to borrow my lawn mower. I told him “Sorry. I can’t lend it to you. You see, my wife is making lasagna tonight.”  He looked puzzled and asked again to borrow my lawn mower. Once again, I said “Sorry. Can’t lend it to you. My wife is making lasagna.” He was really surprised now and asked me what in the world did lasagna have to do with lending him the lawn mower. I said, “If I don’t want to lend you my lawn mower, ONE EXCUSE IS AS GOOD AS ANOTHER.”

Keep that in mind.  It doesn’t matter what excuse you’re using.  All excuses are equal.

This is important.  It doesn’t matter if you’re telling yourself – you don’t have time – or, you’re not good enough – or, the leads are no good – or, nobody likes my business… and on and on. It’s all garbage.  Yes. I said it. Your excuses are all garbage.

Telling yourself those things won’t help you recruit people, build your business, and become successful.

The ONLY real solution is simply to settle down and do the work.

The best way to do that is to reduce or remove all the obstacles to getting your work done.

That’s why WORKING A LEAD PROGRAM is so great.

Think about it. Every single one of the leads you get from LEAD POWER is someone who decided they want to make money from home. They saw our online ad and put their info into our opt-in form. One of our staff members called them back to verify that it’s a real person with a real phone number and that they are interested in learning about a home business now. They are expecting someone to contact them to give them details about making money from home.

Even better, you don’t have to think about what to say. Just use our proven scripts.

On top of that, we provide our scripts, training videos, and “Live Dial” weekly training all for free. Once again, this all helps you to eliminate any possible excuses.

So enough already.  No more excuses.  It’s your time to succeed.

Get to work calling your leads. It’s the most duplicatable business plan imaginable, because every person you recruit from the leads, knows that calling leads works. After all, it worked on them.

Enough talk. Stop putting off your success. You deserve to be successful, don’t you?

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