Some people feel this is a controversial point of view.

You be the judge.

I believe that there is VERY LITTLE “REAL” TRAINING in our profession.

Oh sure, you watch a webinar or attend a company event and they parade out some of the top producers to do ‘training’.

But my observation on that whole process is what passes for ‘training’ is little more than motivational storytelling… and some of it isn’t even all that motivational.  LOL.

Sure, it can be entertaining.  And it can even make you feel inspired, at least for a little while.

But what SUBSTANCE can you take away from it?  What TECHNIQUES, or NEW SKILLS, or BETTER WORDING did you learn?

All too frequently, it’s not much. In my opinion, that kind of so-called training has very little value.

Now, anybody can have an opinion, but mine might carry significant weight.  You see, in my long career in our profession, I have built 3 different organizations to over 100,000 reps.  That can’t be done without providing genuine skill-building training.  In fact, it needs to be techniques and methods that duplicate throughout your organization.

Genuine training needs to provide proven, simple, repeatable steps that can be learned by the majority of people.

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…and so much more.

If you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing, that’s fine with me.

But let me ask, are you getting the results you want?
Even more importantly, are your PEOPLE getting the results THEY want?

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YOU can do this.  YOU can enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.

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