There’s a phrase that’s crept into our language that really bugs me: “The New Normal”.  YUCK!

However, to be completely realistic, that’s just what we’re dealing with in our profession.

From the time this business model first began way back in the 1950s until now, we typically built our teams the same way.

When we prospected, we could often meet people while we were out and about.  Whether it was at the mall, at church, at a business networking event, or just being social with others, one of the most common prospecting techniques was commonly known as “The 3 Foot Rule”.  Anyone who came within 3 feet of you was on your radar.

We’d invite people to have coffee or lunch with us to chat about our business.  We’d invite people to attend hotel meetings.  We would do home parties.  Sometimes we would hold “PBR’S” or Private Business Receptions.

Our companies would regularly conduct both Regional and National training events, where thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of people, would attend.

Then, rather SUDDENLY, the world changed!

For a variety of reasons, we were no longer able to conduct our business the way we once did. The way we were comfortable.  The way that was familiar to us.

  • No more meeting people face to face.
  • No groups of people getting together.
  • No crowds at big events.

POOF! Nearly overnight it was all over.

This left many people, both newbies and seasoned professionals alike, wondering WHAT TO DO.

How do you build a business, which is so essentially SOCIAL, when we had something called “Social Distancing” forced upon us?

There is an OBVIOUS answer, but one that must be examined a bit, in order for it to be understood.


What does that mean?  What KIND of changes?  What is it that you will DO?

One of the CLEAREST SOLUTIONS is you must learn to WORK LEADS.

It’s no longer a choice.  It’s just something you’ve GOT TO DO if you’re going to be successful in our profession.

That means you’re going to need at least 2 important things:

  1. A good source of leads you can depend on
  2. The personal skills to convert those leads into customers or reps

The good news is that I’VE GOT YOU COVERED on both counts.

As the oldest, largest, and most respected producer of pre-qualified leads for the home-based business industry, we here at LEAD POWER pride ourselves on being able to deliver the very highest quality leads in existence.

Because we produce so many leads, we want to be certain you know what to do and what to say when you contact them. This way your success is ensured.

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Make this “New Normal” your path to accomplishing your goals.