This is a major TRUTH BOMB.

Network Marketing has been PROVEN, time and time again, to be the ultimate FINANCIAL SHORTCUT for achieving personal wealth.

Network Marketing has massive advantages over nearly every other way to make one’s fortune.

– NO Large Cash Investments – NO Costly Overhead – NO Inventory To Maintain, Track, Store & Ship – NO Fancy Facilities Or Employees – And the list goes on and on.

But as important as those things are, the TRUE POWER and often misunderstood UNFAIR ADVANTAGE that Network Marketing provides can be summed up in one single word: LEVERAGE.

Leverage allows you to MULTIPLY your results, and it AMPLIFIES your power without consuming any more resources or energy. 

You see, being successful in Network Marketing is NOT based on how much work YOU can do.  Instead, it is all about leveraging the time and efforts of your TEAM.

A proven, LEVERAGED business plan is to WORK PRE-QUALIFIED LEADS.

Leverage YOUR TIME by directly reaching out to LEADS who have identified themselves as wanting to make additional money in a home-based business.

Think of it. No time wasted doing prospecting.  Instead, you’d be focused on sifting through proven LEADS and MAKING PRESENTATIONS to them.

Now imagine having a team of 50 people working 20 hours a week, with each of them contacting 200 LEADS a week

That’s 10,000 prospects a week that your group would be reaching out to, making presentations, and inviting them to look at your business opportunity.

Just IMAGINE the kinds of results that could create!

Now you know the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE of building a Network Marketing business with a proven, leveraged business plan.

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