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We’ve been creating a number of really good, professionally produced informational videos for you lately.

In fact, some of them are specifically designed to be video reports that you can share with your downline team members and even more importantly, with your prospects.

This one is a good example of the terrific new resources you’ll find here.

It’s a 21 minute video report on why NOW is the best time in recorded history to have a home-based business, and how you can use it to financially protect yourself and your family, in this turbulent world of economic uncertainty.

There are a good number of other videos worth watching here too.

For instance, you’ll see some wonderful testimonials from excited customers who have been using our leads to build their teams and are beginning to enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams. These videos are helpful to use when discussing the importance of working leads with members of your team because they give you ‘real-world results’!

You’ll see other videos that will give you the ‘inside scoop’ on many of the great lead package choices available to you.  Some may come as a surprise because you’ve never seen them explained quite this way before.  You may discover that we provide exactly the type of lead you’ve been looking for but were not aware that we produced them.  (For example, we do Local Leads that give you the exact geographic locations you may be interested in targeting.)

So, be sure to take full advantage of this effective, free resource.

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