This is something controversial.  But it really shouldn’t be.

To get a better understanding of who I voted for and why, please be sure to read this entire email.

I think you’ll probably want to CHANGE YOUR VOTE.
(YES!  You can actually DO THAT.)

​If you don’t agree with me, that’s OK; it’s my personal choice.


  • Someone who is going to take 100% responsibility for every action, good or bad.
  • Someone who will make decisions based on facts and has the courage to change, based on new data.​
  • Someone who will not get caught up in the social media news cycle and spend endless hours wondering what other people think.​

I voted for ME!
(Let me suggest that you also cast a vote for YOURSELF.)

  • As an entrepreneur, I make my own economy.
  • Nobody is coming to rescue me, so it’s up to ME to make things happen.
  • I don’t need an endorsement from the majority to grow my business.
  • I am a free thinker and I am not influenced by other people’s limiting beliefs about themselves. What may be true for them is not true for ME.
  • I see an opportunity, while others see obstacles they can’t overcome.
  • I can do anything in life, but only if I believe it to be true.

There is no shortage of wealth to be made once you clean out the “stinking thinking” and lose the scarcity mindset.

You can spend the next 4 years (or the rest of your life) voting for a politician.

OR… you can start voting FOR YOURSELF!