This is something truly remarkable.

IMAGINE being able to connect with pre-qualified prospects within moments of them stepping-up to say they’re interested in learning more about starting a home business!

That’s exactly what you get when you order these leads.

What makes these leads so effective is that they originate as Real Time Redirect Leads.  That means that whenever an individual completes the contact form, prior to being redirected to a website, we collect their information in our database.

Then, within One (1) Minute, we make it available as a Super Premium Real Time Short Form Lead. With every Premium Real Time Short Form Lead, LeadPower provides you with the most essential contact information of interested prospects who ‘raised their hands’ and inquired about a home business opportunity.

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These leads all contain: First Name, Last Name, Email, Telephone, Time & Date Stamp, and IP Address.

As you can see, these leads are NOT merely lists of names or email addresses of people who are supposedly interested (as is often the case with other inferior lead generation companies).

The fact that these leads are delivered to you immediately means they’re interested right now!  They’ve just visited a home business website and the information is still fresh in their minds. This makes them easier to connect with, and they’ve had very limited exposure to others.

This extra attention to detail is what consistently makes our REAL TIME SHORT FORM LEADS some of the best performing leads we offer.

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