The BEST TECHNIQUE EVER to quickly build your team and provide stronger support for your new enrollees.

If you are a parent, you’ve undoubtedly experienced this.  Mom & Dad can lecture the kids till they’re blue in the face.  Unfortunately, the kids do their best Hellen Keller impersonation: they play deaf, dumb, & blind while ignoring them.

But let favorite uncle or auntie come over and say nearly the same thing, and the kids eagerly listen like it’s “Manna from Heaven.”

Sure. It’s a common human experience, true across all segments of the population.

THAT IS THE REASON, you must use this amazingly powerful technique if you are to gain agreement with your prospects quickly and build a stronger support system for your newly enrolled team members.

That technique is known as the “3 WAY CALL”. 

A 3 Way Call is one where there are 3 of you on a phone call or zoom/skype meeting at 3 different locations.  You, your prospect or new team member, and a more accomplished rep who is upline from you will meet and have a conversation.

Having information presented by someone who has achieved some level of success provides a high level of social proof for your prospect or new team member.  Using an experienced upline member who can speak with authority can be very persuasive.

Like everything, there are right ways and wrong ways to use this powerful technique.

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