Here is some CALENDAR information, you may have never thought of before.

Tell me this. What is the very BEST season to build your business?

If you don’t know or aren’t sure… How can you possibly capitalize on it?

You can’t.

Here’s the answer: AUTUMN is the best season to build your business. This has been true since our profession first started back in the 1950s.

That’s because once the Summer season is over, people shake the beach sand and barbeques out of their heads and begin to get more serious.

Vacations are over. School is starting back up. Business seems to start ‘buzzing’ again.

And there’s one more important factor. People also begin preparing for the HOLIDAYS.

AUGUST is your RESET month. No matter how you did these past couple of months, think of this as your big chance to hit RESET.

In the Fall, you’ve got more social events, various parties, and family get-togethers, than the whole rest of the year, put together.

October not only has Halloween, which has grown into a very big deal all over the country, but it is the 2nd biggest month (next to June) for people getting married. Not only are there more weddings, but there are more bridal showers and anniversary parties.

Of course, November has Thanksgiving. And we all know what happens in December.

These factors combine together and result in TWO important things:

1. People SPEND more money
2. People NEED more money

With that in mind, you will see that historically, right across the board, more people begin seeking part-time work, or finding a better paying job, in SEPTEMBER than any other month.

YES! September is when people get serious about making money again.
So, think about it this way. You can go into the best recruiting season of the year alone and do what you can to build your team by yourself.


You can go into this upcoming BONANZA with a dedicated TEAM of people who are primed and ready to begin recruiting.

WHICH would you prefer? Well DUH, right? LOL.

Now that it’s August, it’s time to throw some gasoline on your fire and get yourself totally prepared. Recruit like crazy this month. Find like-minded people. Tell them what’s about to happen over the next few months. Show them how they can capitalize on this wonderful timing. Get them in our training sessions. Help them build their skills.

Whatever you do, however you can… contact more people this month.

(See how to ensure you’ve got the maximum number of qualified people to speak with here.)

When you do, share this news with them. Some will get the message and realize the wisdom in what you’re saying. They’ll understand the terrific timing that’s about to happen.

TOGETHER you’ll go into the best recruiting season of the year with a dedicated TEAM of people.