Here is a quick thought.


Look, it’s one thing to make a good first presentation, but the simple truth is most of the time you won’t make a sale or get an enrollment until the 3rd, 5th, or even 7th time you follow up with a prospect.

Typically, your average rep is ‘One and Done’.  And that’s a recipe for failure and depression.  Because countless studies show that sales rarely happen until you’ve followed up with a prospect multiple times.

But following up can be time-consuming and downright difficult… until NOW.

How would you like a professional writer to create custom sales letters for you to send to your prospects, helping you to follow up effectively with them?

Well… that is exactly what you’ve already GOT NOW with your UPLINE COACH Marketing System.

These letters not only save you time, but they also provide you a full year’s worth of contact.  From DAY 1 to DAY 365.  There are 42 professionally written letters in all, and they can be automatically sent to your prospect to “keep them warm” until they are ready to get started.

LEARN HOW TO USE your automated follow-up email sales letter in this short, easy-to-understand tutorial video.

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