Here is something FAR BETTER than having your own “Sales Funnel”!

Skeptical?  I don’t blame you.

After all, WHAT could be better than prospects who responded directly to you?

Well… THESE LEADS are even BETTER!  In fact, it’s not even close.

Here’s why!

With our “Diamond Exclusive” Redirected Leads you ELIMINATE all of the wasted time, money, and effort of having your own “Sales Funnel”.

  • With these leads, you have NONE of the upfront costs involved with writing, designing, testing, and advertising your lead capture page. (Remember, you have to do ALL THAT before ever generating a single lead.)
  • You have NONE of the frustration or the “Trial and Error” associated with layout, design, writing, tweaking, and re-writing your sales copy.
  • On top of that, you have NONE of the high cost of ADVERTISING and buying ‘Clicks’ to get your Lead Capture Page in front of the right audience (and then hoping you have a good conversion rate.)

We do ALL THAT FOR YOU, upfront.  You just sit back & rake in exclusive leads.

Ordering these “Diamond Exclusive Redirected Leads” gives you this entire list of obvious advantages:

  • These leads reply to our professionally done capture pages and are instantly redirected to YOUR SALES PAGE!
  • These leads are completely EXCLUSIVE TO YOU because once they fill out our capture page, they are sent to YOU, and you alone!
  • These leads are all COMPANY SPECIFIC because as soon as they fill out their information, the only company displayed to them is yours!
  • These leads are incredibly COST-EFFECTIVE because you are only paying for RESULTS! There’s no ‘trial & error’, no advertising or promotion costs!
  • These leads are the FRESHEST POSSIBLE because as soon as they click ‘Submit’ after filling out their contact information, they are instantly transferred to you! (In fact, if you are online when that happens, they may still be on your site when you CALL THEM BACK.)

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE.

We are flat-out EXPERTS at direct response marketing. We have DECADES of success under our belt and have already done all the testing and tweaking.

We also have a massive advertising budget. Our professionals place these capture pages in front of the most receptive people available anywhere online.  So, you don’t have to.

You get ALL the benefit of our experience, with NONE of the headaches or wasted expense.

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