In this article it has something that is truly ASTONISHING.

As you know, over the past few months, the media has relentlessly told people that they need to STAY AT HOME and WORK FROM HOME.

Now here’s the mind-blowing part.

They’ve broadcast that message more than ONE BILLION TIMES.

This means they’ve engaged in a full-on campaign to influence people’s opinions and attitudes about working from home.

While this has had a devastating effect on many traditional businesses, it has created a TREMENDOUS INCREASE in our profession.

Never before have so many people been simultaneously pre-conditioned to look favorably at the need to make their living by working from home.

Just how big of an effect has all this media messaging had on people?

Well just stop and think about the sheer number of times they’ve told people to STAY HOME and WORK FROM HOME.  As I stated earlier, it’s been reported ONE BILLION (1,000,000,000) times.

How big is a BILLION?
One way to think of it is ‘A THOUSAND MILLION’.

When people throw around big numbers it’s hard to gain a true sense of perspective. Check out this eye-opening comparison.

Imagine 2 stacks of ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR bills.
(That’s a nice image to have in your head, right? LOL)

One MILLION dollars would be a stack of hundreds about the height of your average chair.
One BILLION dollars would make a stack about 500 feet higher than the world’s tallest building: the Burj Khalifa.

To put that building, The Burj Khalifa, into perspective, check out this chart.

HERE’S THE POINT:  When you finally understand the INCREDIBLY MASSIVE NUMBER OF TIMES the media has broadcast their message about the need to Work From Home, you begin to truly appreciate what a HUGE IMPACT it is having on the growth of our industry.

People are now more receptive than ever before when you approach them with your business opportunity.

You’ve got the media doing a TON of promotion for you.  As a result, it’s never been THIS EASY to recruit and build!

And that’s GOOD TO KNOW… isn’t it?