SUPER FUNNEL” for you (and apologies to DC Comics*… LOL)

Your prospects are not your arch-nemesis, but recruiting some of them can feel like you’ve been defeated by Kryptonite.

That is IF you don’t have good, easy-to-use solutions for these 3 common problems.

Problem 1.
Your company doesn’t provide you with enough credible online content to send to your prospects that effectively explains the chief advantages of having a home-based business.

Problem 2.
Your prospects have the wrong idea about what the networking profession is all about and you want to give them a clear, persuasive understanding of the solid benefits and advantages we offer.

Problem 3.
You want a really compelling way to FOLLOW UP with prospects, and you need something really convincing and enticing to send them.

Introducing theSUPER FUNNEL”

™ *

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a mere website. Able to leap tall objections in a single bound. (OKAY- I’m getting a little carried away. Haha.)

Seriously… Rather than attempt to explain all the tremendous features and benefits of this amazing Free System, I just want you to CLICK HERE so you can see for yourself what we are giving you.


I said FREE, as there is absolutely NO COST for you to use this SUPER FUNNEL.

When you CLICK HERE, pay CLOSE ATTENTION to what you see.  You will notice that one of the most advantageous aspects of this SUPER FUNNEL is that you can use just PART of it, or ALL of it, depending on your needs.

It is built with a modular design so that after speaking with a prospect, you can select the part or parts that will best move your prospect to the next action.

A quick overview:
There are 3 pages on this site.  Each page contains a video that explains another important aspect of our business.  Pages 1 & 3 also contain professionally designed eBooks your prospects can download at No Cost.

You’ll notice that all the content is written in such a way as to give your prospects authoritative ADVICE rather than overtly trying to ‘sell’ them.  The content on each page answers their most likely questions in advance, and it provides them with understandable, credible, and well-documented information.

The SUPER FUNNEL effectively helps ELIMINATE OBJECTIONS and REDUCE SKEPTICISM.  That’s right, it neutralizes most, if not all, of the recruiting Kryptonite.

What you should do:
I strongly recommend you watch the videos on each page and also download the eBooks.  This way you will be completely familiar with what is contained in each segment.

That will help you to use this SUPER FUNNEL with surgical precision as you move each prospect forward through your recruiting process.

All in all, you will be able to use this powerfully effective site to help you understand your own business better, give you better language to use, remind you of good points to make when speaking with prospects, while at the same time enabling you to CLOSE MORE BUSINESS NOW.

*The Superman logo is the trademark of DC Comics. It is a public domain symbol and its use in no way indicates or suggests approval or endorsement by DC Comics.