Ron here with a “2 Word Formula” for building strong RELATIONSHIPS.

In fact, this is the ONLY WAY you can possibly build a relationship with somebody, whether it’s for business, or for social intentions.

This “2 Word Formula” is not MAGIC… but it sure WORKS like it.

Here are your 2 words:  FOLLOW UP.  Very simple, but also extremely profound.

The simple truth is that you cannot possibly build a relationship with someone after just one or two contacts.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s business or personal.

I realize I’m not telling you anything new.  However, it is truly startling to realize just how many people approach their home-based business with a “One & Done” mentality.

It’s easy to make a presentation, but for most people, it seems hard for them to follow up.

They just don’t know what to say, or do.  They don’t want to come across as being “pushy”.

That is why you are so very fortunate to have your UPLINE COACH Marketing System.

It gives you the amazing ability to FOLLOW UP, and do it in the most effective ways to help you build stronger relationships with your prospects and newest team members.

You’ll have automatic reminders, so you don’t forget. You get One-Touch email and text messages, that are professional pre-written to easily make contact without the extra time and effort.  You’ve got a Power Dialer, so you can connect by phone that much easier.  You’ve even got the SUPER FUNNEL, which provides you with truly impressive eBooks and videos that deliver high-quality 3rd party documentation.

Yes… there’s nothing quite like having these tremendous advantages right at your fingertips.

CLICK HERE to watch our tutorial videos that show you exactly how to use each of the powerful features of your UPLINE COACH Marketing System.