Advice about APPLES.

Yes.  I know they taste great, and they help “keep the Doctor away”.  LOL

But, here’s how it relates to your success with your home-based business.

Just like with a real apple tree, it takes NURTURING to ultimately create something that grows and multiplies independently of you and your efforts.

Think of it this way.  Nobody knows how many apples can ultimately come from just one good, well-planted apple seed.  (Anybody recalls the legend of “Johnny Appleseed”?)

First, you get a tiny, fragile little sprout that’s just barely strong enough to force its way out of the ground. Then, one day, there could be a strong, fruitful tree, and the apples that come from that tree have the potential of creating an entire orchard.

It’s just the way nature works.  It is also the same way your business works.

But, in order for that to happen, just like the rain, you need to DRIP on your prospects to help them become fruitful new recruits, so they can multiply.

That’s why your UPLINE COACH Marketing System is so very valuable.

Inside this full-featured powerhouse of a system, you’ll find a whole ‘garage-full’ of tools that will help you to NURTURE and GROW your prospects into excited recruits, into successful distributors, into successful teams.

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