Here is another important lesson about believing in yourself, and never giving up.

There are only a few days left until the end of the month.  Look inside yourself and think about how you are feeling.  Where’s your head at?

Are you feeling down and out, or are you still determined to keep working to achieve your goals?

It’s easy to give you WORDS to try to inspire you, but let’s look at a recent real-life example of the power of never quitting, no matter how bad it looks.

This is an example that took place in February 2020.

Here’s what Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs said in a TV interview after his team-mates celebrated under a cloud of confetti for winning their first Super Bowl in 50 years!

I mean, we never lost faith — that’s the biggest thing!

Though they were down 20 to 10 heading into the fourth quarter, the Chiefs scored 21 unanswered points in the last 4 minutes and 57 seconds of the game to accomplish a goal that had not been achieved in 50 years.

This was a spectacular example of a tremendous last-minute effort that resulted in victory. Because they NEVER gave up and kept working hard, the Chiefs came back to stun the San Francisco 49er’s by a score of 31-20.

You know the expression, the HOME STRETCH. That’s the straight-away after the last turn of a race.

Whether it’s a horse race, foot race, or auto race, it’s in the HOME STRETCH that you POUR IT ON.

You exhaust every bit of effort and energy to win, no matter how tired you might be.  It’s now or never. Do or Die.

That’s the same spirit you need to have in your business.

It’s that attitude that will often be rewarded.  It’s all the ‘seeds you planted’ during the month that can bring forth the harvest now.

Don’t let fatigue or disappointments wear you out.  Keep going right to the end.

You’ll often AMAZE YOURSELF with great results.

Always remember that