Ron here with the ONLY way there is to ELIMINATE FAILURE.

THERE IS NO FAILURE… unless you quit.

Rather than reading my humble attempts to motivate you, let us review and pay heed to those who have not merely spoken these words, but whose very lives stand as TESTIMONY to the proposition that YOU MUST PERSIST.

Read, re-read, then read again, and contemplate these famous quotes from the remarkable people who uttered them. Each of them came from different backgrounds and lived during different ages, but all were in harmony with the simple but profound belief that you must NOT ever quit.

What these great achievers say was true then, and it is true now, and more importantly, it is true… for YOU!

If you are serious about achieving the lifestyle of your dreams, you must overcome all the world’s many obstacles and temptations that will take you off course and away from your true goals.

Stay true to your dreams, to your family, and to yourself.

We here at Lead Power stand ready to help you, to train you, and to support you in the pursuit and achievement of your dreams.