Ron here with a keen observation of the obvious.  Well obvious to ME at least. And by the time you’re done reading this letter, hopefully to YOU too.

In this message, you will discover what may be a BIG NEW IDEA that can greatly benefit you in all your recruiting efforts.

First a little context.

The great songwriter (and some would say philosopher) BOB DYLAN wrote this lyric which has stuck with me for decades.

“He not busy being born, is busy dying.”

Nature is never static.  A person, just like a plant or any other living thing, is either growing or beginning to die/decay.

If you are not invested in your own self growth with positive books, audio training, educational videos, new projects/hobbies/business, then you are going backwards into decay.

Dylan also wrote the following lyric in another song that’s right on target with my topic: “The Times They Are A Changing.”

Boy oh boy, we’ve sure seen some stunning changes in our lifestyle, economy, and daily life as a result of the policies put into place from the worldwide pandemic.

People are more open to CHANGE now than ever before.  They’ve discovered just how flexible they can become when the situation warrants it.


When someone is stuck in the rut of “sameness”, they tend to remain stuck being the same.

However, when a person begins to experience change of ANY kind, they become much more open to change in other areas of their lives.

Go back and read that last sentence again.

It’s hard to recruit someone who is stuck in the same job, same circumstances, same financial comfort zone, same (fill in the blank).

However, once that person gets shaken up with changes to their lifestyle, their routine, their comfort zone, etc., they no longer resist additional change.  In fact, that’s when they become the most open to it.

Talk to those who have been going through changes in other areas of their lives. They are your best, most receptive prospects. Help them to see that Network Marketing is a great way to make a change for the better.  It’s a way to gain some level of CONTROL in a world that seems to be out of control.

They’ve seen how fragile a traditional job can be.  How dangerous it is to count on only one source of income. They are searching for a positive change.

YOU can provide that positive change to them.

Keep these thoughts in mind when you call your leads, or communicate with your prospects.

Those who have been through changes are the most open to additional changes.  They have seen what’s at risk and are more determined and motivated than ever to better themselves.

P.S. It’s OK if you aren’t old enough to appreciate Bob Dylan. Here’s what EINSTEIN had to say… “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” – Albert Einstein