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Leads Givaway

🎉 Exciting News! 🎉
Enter to win 1000 fresh, high-quality telephone-interviewed leads! 📞 Targeting business opportunity seekers ready to expand. 💼

Imagine the impact on your network marketing business! Access motivated prospects eager for new opportunities. 🚀

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7 Must-Have Resources for Network Marketers

Maximize your success and reach your goals.

I have been in the network marketing industry for 30 + years and have put together the best tools to help you succeed.

Here is a list of the tools, and what they can do for you:

  1. Lead Generation: Imagine having the perfect prospects for your business opportunity! Leadpower has an amazing selection of affordable leads to help you grow and succeed. Check out https://leadpower.net/mlmleads for more information.
  2. Super Clicks: We provide targeted clicks for home-based business professionals who want to get more people to their website. Save time and energy by ordering clicks from us – it’s as easy as going to a drive-through restaurant! Check out our selection of Clicks at https://leadpower.net/superclicks.
  3. Live Dial Training: We offer live dial training, where we call prospects on a muted conference call and then give a small analysis training after each call. This is a great way to learn where to focus your efforts in the right areas. Register here at https://leadpower.net/live-dial-training.
  4. Training Resource Site: We have put together a comprehensive training library with all of my 40 years of experience in building 3 groups of over 100,000 people. It includes workbooks and videos and you only need to pay a one-time fee of $15 – no monthly memberships required. Go to https://myuplineacademy.com
  5. Self-Serve Platform: If you need aged leads by region, this is your chance to access over 1 million leads at a great price. Just download them instantly at https://selfserveleads.net.
  6. Marketing System: If you are not already using a follow up marketing system, https://UplineCoach.leadpower.net is what you need. It offers over 50 pre-written letters, one-click text messaging, and an app to make follow-up easier from your phone. Plus, you can have your leads delivered directly into the system. Get a 30-day free trial and then it’s just $30/month.
  7. Network Marketing Super-funnel: This is a great, free resource for everyone to use. It offers an amazing explanation of the network marketing business model, and there are plenty of free downloads available at https://homebusinessinfo.net.
  8. Free Training Modules Before you start connecting with your prospects, take the time to watch these videos that offer a comprehensive, stepbystep system for reaching out to and closing your leads. Leverage our 30 + years of expertise and the success of our over 170,000 customers check out this training now: https://leadpower.net/minitraining
  9. Receive 10 free leads from Leadpower, the leader in generating leads for the network marketing industry! These business opportunity seekers have been telephone interviewed and will come to you in real time. Sign up now at https://leadpower.net/freeleads22/ to receive your leads!

These tools are the keys to success in your home-based business, so it’s time to take action!

Thank you and best wishes for a prosperous future!

Ron Malezis

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Attraction Marketing

Doing This Will TURBO CHARGE Your Magnetic Marketing/Attraction Marketing!
WHAT IS “MAGNETIC MARKETING”? (Also known as “Attraction Marketing”.)

While many network marketers have only recently come to begin using the term “Attraction Marketing” for the past few years, the true history of this successful […]

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How Do I Keep The Dream Alive Tonight 8:00 PM EST LIVE Dial Training


Live Dials Network Marketing Training.


Instructions on How to Join the Webinar
(Please note we have a NEW WEBINAR LINK)

1. Click the link to join the webinar at the specified time and date:

Before joining, be sure to check system requirements to avoid any connection issues.


Note: This link should not be shared with others; it is unique to you.


2. […]

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Your Network Marketing Business, is it SIMPLE or EASY? And some GOOD NEWS!

Ron here with a warning…and some good news.

Don’t be fooled!

Just because something is simple, we often think it won’t take much work or effort. As humans, we often make the mistake of thinking that things described as simple are easy.

No! There is a big difference between the two. Winning a basketball game is MFE.
Pass […]

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Live Dials: Mastering the Art of LISTENING Part 2 Live Call 8:00 PM EDT


Mastering the Art of LISTENING Part 2 Live Call 8:00 PM EDT Live Training
Ron Here!

Tonight, my friend Dean William Mitzel will revisit the topic of “Can You Hear THEM, Now?”

There is so much information available on this underdeveloped skill that you’ll want to be AT LEAST “Listening” in!

In Part 2 we will continue to cover the strategies and techniques […]

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Kick all the guesswork to the curb

We’re super happy to see so many of you are interested in creating a successful Network Marketing business!

Demand for My Upline Academy has been extremely high.

This is your last chance to gain exclusive access to the academy for ONLY $15.

In (insert hours) time, access to the academy will be back at the standard price […]

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Gain access today for ONLY $15!

I just wanted to circle back around and see if you’re still interested in joining our life-changing academy?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, creating a successful business in the world of network marketing is challenging.

This is precisely why we created My Upline Academy. To help people just like you who have […]

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If your dreams don’t SCARE you, they’re not BIG enough.

Ron here. Let’s talk about your dreams.

If your dreams don’t SCARE you, they aren’t BIG enough.

One of the greatest motivators, was the often quoted, Glenn W. Turner who became famous for teaching people to DARE TO BE GREAT.

Unfortunately, instead of daring to be great, most people seem to be okay with being just average. […]

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Ron here with one of the best ways for you to experience a massively profitable holiday season.

Introducing LeadPower’s new WEIGHT LOSS LEADS!

It’s no secret.

Weight loss has long been one of the most successful categories in all of network marketing since the very beginning.

Obviously, there’s a HUGE MARKET.  But something that you might not initially […]

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