Ron here. Let’s talk about your dreams.

If your dreams don’t SCARE you, they aren’t BIG enough.

One of the greatest motivators, was the often quoted, Glenn W. Turner who became famous for teaching people to DARE TO BE GREAT.

Unfortunately, instead of daring to be great, most people seem to be okay with being just average. They buy into the idea of working their regular 40 hour a week job. Expect to work 40 years or so, and then hope to retire.

But, as we’ve seen, our economy can change very suddenly. Back in 2008 we had the stock market/housing market crash. Recently we had the ‘pandemic’. Who knows what it will be next?

What are your dreams? Do you still even have them? Not everyone does. Some people have been so beat up that they feel their dreams are impossible.

What would you love to have? What would you love to be able to do?

Do you dream of a new house, or several of them? Sending your kids to the best colleges? Giving your daughter a fairy tale wedding? Travelling the world and sight-seeing? Playing golf, tennis, or going sailing whenever you like?

Seriously… what ARE your biggest, most beautiful dreams?

May I suggest that you go out of your way to listen to the top income earners at your company. Hear their stories. Some of them live truly remarkable lives. The most important thing to remember is that every single one of them was once a newbie who struggled in our profession.

If they could reach the ‘top of the mountain’, perhaps you can too. But not if you aren’t willing to dream BIG.

It all starts with your dreams. You won’t put in the time, energy, or effort needed if your dreams aren’t audacious.

Yes. It IS possible for you to have it all. Others have done it. Why not you?
Dare to dream. Have BIG dreams. Then do the work.

If you’re consistent, stay true to yourself, work hard, you will likely surprise yourself, because you can achieve those huge dreams. You may even surpass them.

Your Success Partner,