Feel the Fear! I know what you’re afraid of.

Sometimes people think that those who are brave do not feel fear.  That is simply not true.

What IS true is that those who are brave FEEL THE FEAR… and do it anyway.

A fireman or policeman faced with life and death situations runs towards the danger that everyone else is running away from.  It’s not that they don’t feel afraid, of course they do. But, they take ACTION in spite of the fear. As a result, lives and property are saved.

Think back to fears that you yourself have overcome.  How did you do it?

Let me give you a couple of examples.

As a young teen when you first began driving, for many people it was a nerve-wracking experience. Everything was new and scary. Even driving on local streets was challenging, never mind venturing out onto the highway.  Now, after a couple of years of driving, it’s become a totally natural experience.  Even taking long road trips is an easy thing to do. The fear is completely gone.

Here’s another one.

A friend of mine would sometimes take his young daughter to amusement parks where they would ride the roller coasters together.  At one park there was a particularly big one.  At first, she was so afraid to ride it that she walked away.  Then, later thinking back about other coasters she had ridden, she decided to brave it.  Of course she was scared.  But as soon as the ride was over, she asked to get back in line and do it again.  A few years have passed now and that coaster is ‘old hat’. It’s no longer even a little bit scary to her, as she’s ridden it over a dozen times now.

It’s the same 

thing with picking up the phone and calling leads.

At first it may feel SCARY.  But after you’ve done it for a week or two, the fear is nearly gone.  In a couple of months it will feel perfectly normal.

Let me caution you.  It’s possible you may still experience some nervousness for a couple of months.  But while it feels the same as fear, merely being nervous is something different.

You can understand the difference between nervousness and fear this way. Imagine the scene in the locker room of your favorite professional sports team before a championship game.  Every one of those players is filled with nervous energy.  That’s the adrenaline pumping into their blood stream getting them ready to perform on the field.  However, as nervous as they all are, they are not afraid.  They don’t feel fear.  Why? Because they’ve done it over and over again countless times.

The point is simple.  While you may be afraid of new experiences at the beginning, that fear will give way to nervous excitement after having done it a few times.

The way to OVERCOME your fears, is to feel your fear… and DO IT ANYWAY.  Prepare as well as you can.  Then go do it.  And do it again and again.

That’s how you’ve overcame every other fear in your life, and it will work for you again.

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