Ron here with a word of advice that will INSTANTLY help you to become far more productive and profitable. But, before I give you that word of advice, let’s see if this situation rings true to you.

You know that the SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR to achieving success in Network Marketing can be summed up in just one word: RECRUITING.

That is the one task that you need to get done each day.

But, does this happen to you?

You finally reach the end of your day only to realize that you worked on everything but that one most important project.

Countless interruptions and other distractions kept you from focusing on your recruiting efforts.

Calls. Emails. People texting you. Organizing your desk/workspace. Unexpected little ‘emergencies’.

No wonder that you never get to your main priorities. It seems that everything in your day is preventing you from getting your most important task accomplished.

It can be frustrating when you get dragged away to lesser tasks.

Some days it seems that everyone and everything is trying to keep you from getting your work done.

So now for my ADVICE. 

Focus your energy on the ONE THING that brings you money, security, rank advancement, and more… that is RECRUITING. You want to make your goal of achieving that one daily task as easy as possible. That’s why having a reliable supply of Pre-Qualified Leads is so important.

Nothing is as time-efficient or as easy as having someone else do all the advertising, searching, and prospecting for you.

Yes! It’s wonderful to automatically receive a pre-determined number of prospects coming in to your inbox each day.  These are all people who stood up and identified themselves as actively seeking a home-based business opportunity.

All you need to do is begin the process of contacting them and then following up on those who respond.  It makes your life so much easier… and more profitable.

Don’t get to the end of your day and find yourself without your most important work done.

Stay focused on your priorities and avoid the interruptions.

Getting a daily supply of Pre-Qualified Leads will allow you to stay on target and accomplish your most important work each day.

Your Success Partner,




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