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Imagine getting people who are actively seeking a home-based business opportunity to view your sales presentation at the very moment they’re interested… with NONE of the headaches, frustration, or wasted time & expense of creating your own sales funnels.

You get the highest quality prospect possible,
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– in real-time.

Here’s what you get with your order of our “Diamond Exclusive” Redirected Leads

  • All the advantages of your own “Funnel” WITHOUT wasted time & expense
  • Guaranteed accurate email addresses
  • Redirected EXCLUSIVELY to your own website
  • VERY HOT LEADS: generated NOW, then delivered in seconds
  • Active Prospects who are eager for your CALL or EMAIL

Each lead comes with the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • City & State
  • Date/Time Stamp
  • IP Address

Read What People Like You Are Saying…

“The Diamond Exclusive leads are EXCELLENT. I called them all within a few minutes of them requesting information and every single person I spoke with looked at the opportunity. Within less than 2 hours, I already have one who said they will get started on Monday. You’d better believe I’ll be calling those I did not reach yet–again. This is GOLD. I mean, DIAMONDS:)” – Melanie M.

“I’ve tested various types of leads from many companies and Lead Power always offers the best value, but the Diamond Exclusive leads are beyond exceptional! Most of the leads are high-quality professionals looking to diversify their income and are prepared to invest in a business. The first day I used these leads, I ran 4 appointments and 2 joined at my company’s top package. I prefer to work with professionals and have a higher-priced start-up cost; I could not dream of a better quality lead!” – Tammy C.

“I have called a massive number of leads over the last few years, but I have had none as responsive as the Diamond Leads. I only ordered 25 just to try them out. I called all of them and either talked to them in person or left a message. They were all responsive and expected to get a call. I was the first company they had heard from and they were all looking for something. Much to my surprise, one of the 25 leads that I called and left a message for, visited my site, called me back, and will get started at the top level. These are the best leads I have ever called and I will use these as my main lead source…. Thanks!” – Debbie R.

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These leads are, in every sense, the best of all possible worlds.

They are exclusive to you. These prospects are interested right now. They’ve stepped forward and identified themselves. They’re people who are actively looking.

These leads are affordably priced. They provide you with a completely duplicatable system for your downline team members. That means fast growth, higher retention of reps, resulting in much larger incomes.

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