Ron here with IMPORTANT NEWS.

I came across an article in INC. Magazine that delivered new information I believe can be very beneficial to YOU as a network marketer… especially when you’re contacting your leads.

More people than ever before are LEAVING their traditional jobs.  When you understand WHY you can put yourself into a better position to offer them what they’re seeking.

Here’s the headline.

Why Are People Quitting Their Jobs, Exactly?
It May Come Down to 4 Reasons, According to 5,000 Employees.

Here’s the first sentence.

In a post-pandemic world, mass turnover has happened from people reevaluating their lives and their careers, and no company is immune.
The Great Resignation is here…

Yes.  Pretty dramatic stuff.

Here are a few of the points to pay close attention to in the article. (the link is below my signature at the bottom)

People want to Achieve a work-life balance.”

Well, isn’t that one of the main advantages of being in Network Marketing?  In our profession, YOU get to control your time, your schedule, your location. You are in charge of achieving your own work-life balance.

Here’s another important point: Gen Z is a mission-driven generation.”

Gen Z is defined as those being born in the mid to late ’90s to 2020.  So we’re talking about those young people in the workforce who are in their mid-twenties or younger.

Isn’t it true that the products and services you offer through your MLM company are all about being MISSION DRIVEN?  In addition, building a downline, with the goal of having a “Lifestyle Business” is certainly another mission.  Right?

The article contains MANY important insights that will help you with your recruiting efforts.

People want to be RECOGNIZED, and they want opportunities for ADVANCEMENT.

83% of employees think companies should help with career progression. However, 44% say their employers don’t have talent acceleration programs.

While workers may not be completely unhappy with their present situation, they are far from being committed to their jobs.

The article makes the important point that contentment and loyalty are NOT the same things.

In fact, 50% of those surveyed said they were happy with how their employers coped and supported them during the pandemic. However, 53% are still considering leaving their job within the next year, with nearly 25% already looking. 

These are all elements you need to keep in mind when making your recruiting presentations to your leads.

These are the emotional “hot buttons” to sprinkle into your conversation.

Understanding the tremendous SHIFT going on in today’s workforce can mean great things for YOU and your future.

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