I’m back with another valuable tip to help you recruit as many people as you want each month.

This time, I have a new idea to share with you.  This is not something we’ve covered in detail in our training guides or videos.

So, this may come as a BRAND NEW STEP. It’s one that has the ability to completely transform your ability to connect with new prospects and close them.  But more importantly, this will keep them in the business working together with you.  It will ensure you enjoy a high retention rate.

If you’ve been following the steps as instructed, by now you’ll have been in contact with enough people that you know what kind of “APPLES” you have to work with.

Of course, you don’t want to put any effort into the rotten apples or the sour apples.

Your attention should be focused on the green ones and the red ones.

(By the way, if any of this language is confusing to you, please go back and review your training manuals to understand the whole concept of sorting your “apples”.)

Here’s the thing.  This is NOT as much of a business of “SELLING” as most people might think.

It is much more about SORTING and BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS with people.  First, you sort the good from the bad, the positive from the negative, the motivated from the time-wasters.

Then, your goal should be to create long-lasting personal relationships with your best prospects.  You are building a TEAM, not just making one-time sales.

You want people to bond with you. You need to get to know each other. There needs to be a level of mutual trust.

Other than talking with people on the phone, one of the best and fastest ways to begin this type of personal connection is to “Friend” them on social media.  Look them up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or wherever else they may be.

You’ll discover things about them that you didn’t already know from your conversations. You’re looking to find as much in common with them as possible. The more you have in common the stronger your connection with them will be.

Remember, you’re building relationships so that you can create a successful TEAM.

Use every tool at your disposal.  You’ll be glad you did. (And so will they!)