Real Time Telephone Interviewed leads:
What I so appreciate about LeadPower is that you really can reach a real human being to sort out misunderstandings or errors.

Other lead companies I’ve been exposed to it’s pretty much if don’t do it by email, you have no other option to communicate. So if there is an issue and you don’t really get satisfaction, you’re reduced to sending multiple emails when there is not an immediate addressing of the matter.

I also really like that the Excel CSV format that LeadPower uses is so user-friendly for loading into my auto-responder and I don’t have to make modifications to the download document before the lead data in it is ready to be loaded into the the auto-responder.

The specials LeadPower runs also helps me to get quality leads without breaking my budget. I’ve been real happy with the service I’ve gotten from LeadPower and I’ve stopped experimenting with other sources. Doug H.

Doug H.
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