Long Form Surveyed Real Time Leads:
Just had to write you a note, and let you know how much I LOVE the Leadpower, Real Time, Surveyed,. How perfectly wonderful to call a prospective lead, and have them know who I am and welcome me with open arms….AND they are actually happy to hear from me, and anxious to get all the wonderful information.

It is also extremely helpful to have a more exact time of day to call them. 9 out of 10 were home the first time I called them, and I set up information call appointments with all of them for the next couple of days.

So far I have paperwork out of two, and enrolled another one. What a great ratio! I will be ordering these on a regular basis for sure!! Thanks so much ! I have included a note from another gal on my team, and I will be forwarding on still another team mates happy thoughts on these great leads! Gay R.