Are you An Independent OR Co-Dependent Representative?
Tonight at 8:00 PM EST
[Thu-March 29th]
Are you and Independent representative or a “Co-dependent” representative in your business?? Do you feel like someone ( your upline, coach) should always show what to do or are you self reliant and take direction to learn what to do?
Do you schedule 30-45 minutes a day to “study” by reading, watching, or listening to trainings? If you are expecting other people to do this business for you, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
REGISTER NOW:   as tonight, March 29, 2018 at 8 PM EST Dean William Mitzel will speak to you about being self-reliant and taking a “stand” in your business and in your LIFE!
Any great entrepreneur or sales person KNOWS in their heart of hearts that they have everything required to build their business and dream, and this is WHY we are told that we must have a “WHY” that makes us cry. WHY is that? Because it drives us, it drives the insatiable desire to achieve our goals, our success, our purpose.
Dean will give you some insight into what you can do to become the self-reliant success store that you have been seeking and how to develop it in your new teammates as well.
After 30 minutes he will coach networkers JUST like you as they call LeadPower prospects live and focus on teaching THEM how to master this skillset that is imperative to our growth and success as an entrepreneur.
I invite you to go to our FaceBook Group, Transforming Entrepreneurs right now so you can interact with Dean, in real time while he coaches on the training.
You can ask questions and he will answer all of them as you ask!
I invite you to go to our FaceBook Group, Transforming Entrepreneurs right now so you can  access recorded trainings and interact with Dean, in real time, on the training, and don’t forget to take advantage of the Bonus Gift Recording in the group in the “PS” at the bottom of the e-mail.
You can go to our FaceBook Group at this link:   to join our FaceBook group and get access to over 400 recorded audios of live trainings on many topics to impact your business today and scripts. Request to join and make sure to answer the 3 questions you must respond to, to be accepted into the group.


You will receive:
** How to develop an iron clad positive and persistent mindset.
** How to develop the insatiable self-reliance to build a huge organization.
** Strategies to keep you mind on the prize and NOT on the challenges.
** And so much more…
Invite your team and register yourself by going to the link below.
INVITE your team – They’ll thank you.

You are Valued~

Ron Malezis


PS –  A Special Gift For You – F*R*E*E* 10 minute Audio on How Mystery and Emotions Create Desire:
P.S.S. – Don’t Forget that Leaders are Readers And Readers Are Writers!  Write A Comment on this  post  once you have listened!





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