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The “TAPROOT” System to ENDLESS Prospects

Ron here with an old ‘tried & true’ technique that may be a completely NEW idea for you.

It’s called the TAPROOT system, and it can deliver impressive results for you, as it dramatically accelerates the growth of your team.

In fact, it can help you to generate an ENDLESS SUPPLY of FREE PROSPECTS. It has been used for decades by some of the most successful people our profession has ever produced.

Let’s start with where the name comes from, so you’ll have a better understanding of this powerful concept.

In nature, a taproot is a large, central, and dominant root from which other roots sprout laterally. A carrot is one example that you are sure to be familiar with.

Here’s what it looks like.

Now let’s see how to apply it to building your business.

Stop and think; we’ve ALL experienced the following situation.

You’re speaking with a prospect who just can’t seem to make up his or her mind. No matter what you do, they just won’t make a decision.

Here’s how to use the TAPROOT system.

Ask that prospect for 5 referrals of people who might be a good fit for our business. Let your prospect know that if any of them like the business and decides to join, you’ll recontact them and sponsor those referrals under them.

They’ll start with an instant organization.

This can deliver some truly impressive results. It demonstrates a level of confidence and belief in what you are doing that is hard to ignore.

It also reveals in an easily understandable way, the fundamental concept behind what makes our business model so very successful. It is this person-to-person, word of mouth promotional method that is responsible for massive sales numbers being done on a worldwide basis.

While you may have some doubts, I can tell you from my own personal experience in having built teams of more than 100,000 reps in 3 separate companies, just how WELL this works.

TWO of the biggest producers I ever had in any of my groups came to me as a result of being a TAPROOT referral. Think about that. Imagine if I had just let my prospect go without those referrals. It would have COST ME BIG.

Imagine what it might be costing YOU, if you don’t do it!

Going back and looking at the illustration above, you can better understand where this technique got its name.

You work with your personal prospect. That’s the ‘taproot’. Then the offshoots from it are the referrals, and then the referrals of referrals… and so on.

In short, that original prospect, whether they get in the business or not, could potentially be the source of an ENDLESS CHAIN of FREE PROSPECTS.

Here’s an easy-to-remember line that will help keep you on track with this idea: “Get OUT of YOUR List, and INTO THEIR List as fast as possible.”

Look at it this way. You’ve got your own people to contact, whether they are part of your warm market, or leads you got from us at Lead Power, or prospects from some other source.

That number is finite. Sure, you can replenish it, but your inventory of prospects is just that… it’s YOUR inventory.

When you employ the TAPROOT system, you are no longer dealing with just the people YOU KNOW. You are now dealing with the people THEY know, and then the referrals of THOSE new people… and on and on and on.

If you do it right, it becomes an ENDLESS SUPPLY of people who have been REFERRED to you.
Remember, one of the KEY CONCEPTS to being successful with our business model is LEVERAGE.

This profession gives you the astonishing power of LEVERAGE in multiple ways: with TIME, with MONEY, and with PEOPLE.

To help get you on track, and then keep you there, it’s important to focus on THE BASICS. That’s why I’ve created this Free SPECIAL REPORT.

Download it. Read it. Take the principles inside to heart. Employ the ideas.

Then, share this report and teach the ideas it contains.

When you LEARN and then APPLY the things that have been proven to work for decades, you too will be well on your way to being able to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.

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