1. How soon can I get my leads?
    • All orders are live the next business day. Orders placed on weekends are processed on Monday.
  1. Do I need an account before I order?
    • We create new accounts and send login credentials when your order goes live. If you’ve ordered before, we use the same account if it’s the same email; otherwise, we open a new one.
  1. What happens with any bad leads?
    • We automatically include 10% extra to account for any bad phone numbers or emails.
  1. Where are your leads generated?
    • Our leads are generated in the USA and Canada only.
  1. How does this work?
    • Check out our complete game plan in our PDF: How It Works.
  1. When are the leads delivered?
    • Lead deliveries occur Monday – Friday, from 11:00 EST- 6:00 EST. We do not deliver on weekends.
  1. Can I pause my Order?
    • Yes, you can pause your order from your lead back office once it’s live. Check out the instructions here.
  1. Do you provide a calling script?
    • Yes, we recommend taking our mini training before contacting leads. Access it here.
  1. Tell me about your training?
    • We offer live training every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Join to listen to live calls with prospects and learn effective communication. Register here.
  1. What should I say to my leads?
    • We suggest taking our mini training before contacting leads. Access it here.
  1. How many leads do you provide daily?
    • You set the amount when ordering. If you want fewer leads than the preset amount, mention it in the comments during ordering.
  1. Do you have any free resources?
    • Yes, access our comprehensive library of free training for Network Marketing Professionals here.
  1. Do I need to open an account before I order?
    • No, we handle account creation for you once your order is placed.
  1. Can I get a Free Sample?
    • Yes, get 10 free leads by registering here.
  1. What is the closing ratio of your leads?
    • Closing ratio varies based on skill. Sign up for our free leads and training to improve.
  1. Do you have an affiliate program?
    • Yes, join our affiliate program here.
  1. I can’t get into my account.
    • Reset your password here by clicking “Forgot Password.”
  1. Do you have any free ebooks, etc.?
    • Access our free training materials here.
  1. Super Clicks- How do I get the best results?
    • For optimal results, direct visitors to a lead capture page first. Follow up using our Upline Coach System for up to one year. Learn more here.
  1. Do you have an App?
    • Yes, our marketing and follow-up system includes an app. Try it free for 30 days here.
  1. Do you have an autoresponder?
    • Yes, our marketing system includes an autoresponder with over 50 pre-written emails. Try it free for 30 days here.
  1. Do you have Landing /Lead Capture pages?
    • Yes, our marketing system includes Landing/Lead Capture pages. Try it free for 30 days here.
  1. How are the clicks generated?
    • We generate traffic by mailing to our lists of Business Opportunity Seekers. All clicks are unique by IP address.
  1. Best Ways to contact your prospects
    • Learn specific strategies and scripts here.
  1. How to Close your prospects
    • Discover systematic closing techniques here.
  1. Before you start contacting your leads. Watch these videos!
    • Access step-by-step training here.
  1. New Portal Access Tutorial
    • Learn how to access your leads here.
  1. Four simple steps to seeing and how to download your leads when you’re in your portal
    • Follow these steps to download your leads here.
  1. What are your best leads?
    • Our Real-Time Telephone Interviewed leads are top-tier and highly valued. Check them out here.