Network Marketing Training

Today’s show on Network Marketing Training  is one that you’re gonna want to watch and forward to your entire team. I think we can all agree that the person in network marketing with the best trained team wins. That was my philosophy my entire career. All the top earners it’s their top philosophy—train the team—the skills build confidence, confidence creates activity, activity creates results, results create lifestyle.

Now, I got a couple big, fun announcements today. One of things that I was taught early on was to learn how to be a presenter. They said the person with the marker makes the money. I said, if that’s true, I need to be holding the mark, I need to figure out a way to get in front of people and present. But big problem, I was nervous about presenting. And it took me years of practice, in norms, in facing my fears to finally get comfortable presenting in front of people. Up until then I just drag buddies in front of good presenters.

But if you can learn to say the words, if you can learn to be a presenter, if you can learn to be a trainer, then your ability to grow your business grows exponentially. And, this last February, we hosted an event with Les Brown called The Last Round Network Marketing Speakers Academy, a 2-day event teaching people how to speak, how to present in network marketing. It was a thousand dollars per person to attend. $500 to watch on live stream.

My original plan was to release this product in a home study course for people like you, to be able to study at home as much as you want and learn what those people were learning in that event from Les Brown, one of best presenters, speakers in the world. Okay?

One of the best. He loves network marketing. He loves what we do. So I’ve decided not to do that. And I’ve decided to do something else instead. You may or may not know about Go Pro All Access. Go Pro All Access is a membership training service that we launched just recently in the month of March. We launched this training service where you could go and just like Netflix, instead of spending money on movies that aren’t going to build your business, you could spend a little amount every month in order to be able to learn how to be a network marketing professional.

The best training in the world. I believe it’s the best network marketing training resource on planet earth and the most reasonable when it comes to expense. Okay? Let me tell you what I have now put in it because instead of releasing that home study course as a stand-alone product, which I would have sold for $500, it would’ve been worth every single penny people then lining up to buy it, I’ve included it Go Pro All Access.

So let me show you what is now in Go Pro All Access. We put the entire Les Brown Network Marketing Speaker Academy 2-day training into Go Pro All Access.

. In addition to that, probably the most sought-after training that people look to me for is 90-Day Game Plan training, what we call our Insanity Boot Camp. We’ve recorded that live 2-day training, which is also a thousand dollars to attend. So this was a thousand dollars for the Les Brown event. The Insanity Boot Camp is a thousand dollars’ worth every penny, how to launch your business, how to explode your business quickly over the course of the 90-day period of time.

Go Pro Recruiting Mastery. We started it March in 2014, our most recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery. Well, guess what we’ve done? We added all of 2013 and all of 2012, so the last three years, something like 65 hours of training. And we sold all of these products for $300 each. So total that, $900 worth of value. That’s what we’ve sold them for.

Formula One Training. Guess what that is? That’s for person who wants to start their business or restart their business. You want to get off to a quick start or you want just say I wanna start over, I want a blank page. I train you step-by-step. Walk you through how to start your business and how to do it right. That’s $100 value.

The Global Thought Leaders. This is interviews with the top thinkers in the world when it comes to marketing, sales, business; on what they think about network marketing. This is a belief-building exercise. You watch this, you’re gonna feel better about network marketing. You’re gonna get rid of that inferiority complex about network marketing. That is a $300 value just by itself. No problem. Easy. All day.

Million Dollar Interviews.

The million dollars interviews that we’ve done over the course of the years and we’re going to continue to do, that including and also Rise of the Entrepreneur, the documentaries included. Now, all of this you would expect to pay a lot of money. Maybe it’s a thousand dollars, you would be able to access all of it for a discount if you get it all one time. If I was to sell all these individually, these prices would be no problem.

But here’s what we’ve done. Inside the Go Pro All Access, you can get all of it for a monthly subscription of $19.95, $19.95 per month. Sign up. Watch it. If you don’t like it, cancel or if you watch everything, you feel like you’ve gotten all the value and you don’t see us adding new stuff, which we’re always going to do, then cancel anytime. 20 bucks, for all of this. $20 a month for all of this.

And if you’re still nervous, you don’t know, for $1, we’ll give you seven days on a try, for $1. You go sign up for one dollar and you can watch all of this for seven days, my compliments, I want you to be trained. I want you to be serious and I also want you to put a little skin in the game. I want you to be committed to this. So one dollar per week, try it out. And after that, it will just be $19.95 a month, cancel anytime.

But here’s the thing, I’m super pumped about this because I want all of you to be great presenters. I want all of you to implement the 90-Day Game Plan. I want all of you get all the value from Go Pro Recruiting Mastery. You can’t attend this year because it’s already sold out for our October event. Already sold out, 8,000 people. Anthony Robbins will be there. Already sold out. No, next year, we’re looking for bigger venues right now because it’s gonna be a good problem to have.

Formula One. If you want to get your business started or restarted. You want to restart? Formula One, let me help you do that. The Global Thought Leaders. Watch that to build your belief. The Million Dollar Interviews. Watch that to get clues as to what top people do. And Rise of the Entrepreneur, watch that to be proud of the network marketing profession. Okay?

So that’s really our show. I just want you to do this. If you’re serious about network marketing, if you want your team to be serious also, the best trained team wins. The best trained team wins. This is the number one best resource for network marketing training on planet earth. If you don’t take advantage of it, it’s your fault. If you don’t take advantage of it, I can’t help you. I can’t help you. Keep watching the free stuff that we put on Network Marketing Pro, that’s great. You’re gonna get some value.

But if you really wanna learn, you wanna go take that next step, go to go pro all today. Sign up for your free trial for the next seven days, my compliments, and then after that $19.95 a month. Think about how many things you’re paying $19.95 a month for right now. Are you paying for your cable bill? How much are you paying for the extra bells and whistles on your phone? How much are you paying for little nonsense, Netflix, most of you are Netflix members, how much money is that making you?

I would bet you to say, not all. This will make you money. That’s our show. Tell your group, pass the word.

Ladies and gentlemen, my wish for all of you is that you decide to become network marketing professionals. You decide to Go Pro. You decide to build the best trained sales team on planet earth. Because it is a stone cold fact that we do have a better way. Now, go tell the world. Everybody have a great day! See you next time! Take care! Bye!