Have you ever wondered how a shy person without a list and with no inclination whatsoever to ‘talk to everyone within 3 feet’ could build a Network Marketing company of 550,000 people?

Well, here I am, Coach Jay, let’s call me the Reluctant Networker. I started a Network Marketing Company by myself in my office over my garage in West Los Angeles and built a huge Multilevel Marketing Company that sold well over 500 million dollars of nutritional supplements. And we attracted over 550,000 distributors.

In this book, I will chronicle the events that created this and share the NLP Sales Secrets that generated these results.

I am doing this because in the course of these miraculous results, I went from Reluctant to Passionate and yet I never changed my nature.

First the facts, I wrote a two-page marketing piece that I faxed to 156 people who knew and respected me. 56 responded, YAY Jay, I’m busy but so happy for you. And 27 said, I want to know more. I recruited 14 of those people. They bought a $227.36 package of 5 bottles of our ‘flagship’ weight loss product.

I had my first LIVE meeting in my living room one week later. 11 showed up, including, my wife, my mom and dad, my 21-year-old daughter, my brother, 4 neighbors and 3 friends. I gave my first presentation. In the presentation, I had no tools, no brochure, no PowerPoint; I mixed up the ingredients of the product and described HOW it worked backwards.

At the time, I had virtually no background in Wellness. I smoked cigars, fancy, expensive ones and loved cheeseburgers and the Red Sox. And honestly, I thought that Network Marketing was kinda’ creepy.

I signed up everyone that first night. They responded to my enthusiasm and a few probably felt some-kind-of-pity for me.

We sold 13K of product the first month, 28K the second and in the 6-month, we hit one million dollars of sales, basically out of my garage. At some point, really early on, I had people banking on my bedroom window, wanting to buy product or join!

My first lesson:”The Reluctant Networker”

You don’t need to be really good at everything, you just need to identify your skill and enroll others to do what you don’t or won’t do well.

I’ll give you one quick example and then I’ll continue to share this amazing story.

You already know, I’m actually shy or more to the point, selectively ‘gregarious’. This means, that I like to be alone but if there’s a reason or a need to communicate, I’m pretty terrific. I’m the sort of fellow who needs to be alone to recharge my batteries while the more sociable types jump into a group to get energized.

I went to a church that had 3 packed services every Sunday morning. Like the rest of America at the time, 75% of them were overweight and 25% of them were looking for a business opportunity. Yet, I never spoke to anyone, just went to a service, prayed and split to watch football.

Within 6o days, we were the hottest issue at the church, with people dropping serious poundage and many making some wonderful extra money.


Come back next week and I’ll share story and the process!!!  The Reluctant Networker.


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