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These training segments are right on point – inspirational and beneficial.

Sandy Westbrook
Sandy's Health and Wealth

Maintaining posture, being direct

Stephen Helman
International Markets Live

Always getting nuggets to help improve my game

Listening to the live calls as I do the same and have the dialer

Paul Fleming

This trainings gave me so much benifical information. I learned what I was doing wrong, and how to correct it, How to get my prospects to listen to the information with interest, and to go to the next step. I like the fact that there are examples of how to do this the right way.

Sonia B HIll

I was somewhat hesitant to get leads when I first started within my network marketing company, mostly because it’s not very duplicatable. However, I realized that prospecting and qualifying people was taking forever. And, I wasn’t too comfortable reaching out to my warm market yet. I was referred to leadpower, and was amazed with all the training articles and videos they provide. When I saw that they have a live training call a couple times a week, in which you watch someone experienced make calls to the same leads I was pretty intrigued. And, after checking out this free training, and the ensuing FB thread I was convinced how cool the advice Dean has. I try to listen to and schedule around his calls now.
The cool thing is that it’s not theoretical training that you get from a book, or watching a youtube video. Though, he has a ton of awesome references too. I refer all new partners to crossline people in the company to listen to his free calls. And, the great thing is that it’s recorded if you can’t make the live call.

Kevin Kearney

I love Dean’s trainings I love his approach and posture his leads are really open to moving forward and learning more about the business

Myra Burrows

There were several great nuggets; the most important one was leaving the right message for my new prospect and not immediately diving into my business opportunity before getting to know the prospect and what they want.

Glenn Watkins

I really liked the phone tips, with the importance of gleaning information from a conversation instead of “selling” a prospect.y

Jennifer Reyes
LevelUp 247

Watching Dean’s demeanour as he contacted the leads was very educational in itself. A great example of how to maintain full control of a prospecting call and do it in a friendly & pleasant manner.

Dean’s training points on Mastering Connecting drive right to the heart of the matter. Excellent!

Peter DeBono

The biggest nugget that I’ve gotten from these trainings is that I just have to pick up the phone and dial! I have to make calls to get better at making calls and NOTHING will happen if I don’t make the calls! End of story.

Sherri Battersby

One of the biggest things I got out of the training tonight was the ease at which you got the prospects to talk to you. In addition, I learned how to be more conversational as opposed to being transactional. Thanks!

Glenn Watkins

The first biggest nugget is communication. keeping prospects engaged is very important. I’m learning to ask better questions.
The second biggest nugget is Clarity. Assuming without clarity will lose future business partners and or clients. Getting concise and clear answers/responses keeps both parties on the same page without a misunderstanding.

Stefon Gordon

TheTraning is done live and we can learn and implement it in our conversation with our customers. and have training videos and PDFs to overcome our obstacles.

sadiq wazeer

I liked how Dean let people know that it didn’t look like a fit without offending potential prospects.

Good to see that not every call is a hold mine.

Good point about using pauses at the appropriate time in the approach.

Kyle Gunning
Good Standard Partners

The biggest take away I’ve gotten was how you must ask questions from the prospect and let them tell you about themselves and there situation

Steve Mosley
Legal shield

how to dig deeper asking better and more engaging questions…

Sidney Lloyd

When I started I couldn’t believe that I was setting myself up for failure with the very first question. I learned quickly knowing the right questions to ask keeps prospects on the phone. The phrasing that is used can also determine the length of the conversations. Having a simple script to follow makes calling so much easier and opens up my dialing time.

Jessica Mize

Feel empowered to make the calls. The scripts are very useful.

Michelle Ferguson
Market America

I learned tonight about being confident while talking to prospects when we want to provide info about the opportunity.

Abdurrazaq khudayi
Network Marketing Opportunity

One of the biggest nuggets I took away was to always keep control of the conversation and not let the prospect take over. The second was to not allow someone to ask me to call them back, which is something I have done. I learned that I ask what their interest level was from 1 – 10 and tell them if they’re truly interested, they’ll call me back. Also, to tell them to write $3,000 – $5,000 next to my number to incentivize.

Debra Reaves

The way your approach is laid out is so simple, fear of failing has been stripped away. I am ready to move forward with a different mindset of ‘I CAN’. Thank you for understanding what holds people back and providing a step by step easy to follow.

Annie Ferreira
Legal Shield

Never a dull moment when Dean is Live dialing. Listen while he interviews his prospects and qualifies them for a home business opportunity. The more I listen in on these live dial’s the more confident I’ve become on the phone. Dean will also demonstrate how to handle negative and or objectionable people professionally. If your afraid to get on the phone you need to jump on these calls.

Tim Pacello

As McDonald’s has systems that work so we need to follow their lead. Leadpower.net not only talks the talk but they game my 10 leads for free and then sent me a video with pdf to teach me how to contact the prospects. There’s so much free content to keep you busy for years, and I’m taking full advantage of it all. Thanks 🙏 for everyone who came before me to put together this info for all of us.

Ken Davis
Assure for life

I really like the way you use questions to control the conversation and to lead them toward the goal of joining the business. I am sharing them with my VA who does the initial calling for me.

Bob Sharpe

The training from the webinar calls and Transforming Entrepreneurs program is wonderful and inspiring. I am truly learning the aspect of sorting versus selling and not convincing or begging people to join to my business. It was tough pill for me to swallow and going through the numbers. Going through the fire of rejection and finding the right people. That is the powerful information I am learning from the calls.

Edgar Bolden

how to prospect, keep it simple, and what questions to ask to get your prospects to say yes’


Great training. This took me back to my cal center days training others doing side by side. What a way to get up close and with a personal touch of our product! Thanks Coach Dean!

Senora James
Senora James

I learn to be motivated and have good posture when talking with prospects on the phone.

Demetric Bey
Affiliate marketing

I like how you built a rapport with that prospect. I like all the information you gave in the beginning especially on how self motivation is the best motivator in building a home business.

Calissa Pridgen
Coastal Vacations

Its simple and easy!
I’m more confident in how to present. How I contact people has always been
my weakest link. I’m sure this will give me an extra stepping stone.


Dont fall into “How much is this cost me” trap. I am going to use your “It wont break the bank”

Suresh Alluri

Great live dial training by Dean on How to handle A/Aggressive personalities tonight. Thanks so much Dean!

Suresh Alluri

The training tonight was very valuable to me. The live activity of the calling the real leads to two different prospects that had inquired about doing business from home. The first individual named Christopher wanted to take over the conversation and did not want to listen and answer the questions that would qualify him as a future business owner.

The second individual named John, was calm and listen to the questions that were asked. He was engaged with the questions and wanted his wife to watch the information that was forth coming.

Joanne Holton
Holton Enterprise, LLC

The biggest nugget tonight for me was the way that Dean stopped the interview when he realized the prospect wasn’t who he was looking for. I thought that process went smoothly.

Debra Reaves

Be relaxed honest and confident on the phone!

Richard Taylor
Assure For Life

During the live dialing session I learned how to quickly qualify/disqualify a prospect with a series of questions. If the prospect isn’t displaying any kind of energy hurry up and get to the disqualifying questions. However, some prospects showed signs of interest and re-qualified themselves. While talking to a prospect you must speak slowly and clearly. This will enable him/her to fully understand what you are saying.

Bryant Wilson
Xtreme FX Global

Learn how to be confident on the phone and learn to sort rather than recruit just anyone in your business

Bryan williams

The first nugget I received from tonight’s training segment, was being direct in your approach and precise in my tone on the phone.

My second nugget understanding the concept of leaving a voice mail message.

Michael Gee
Mike Gee's Insurance Group

I see that we have to stay consistent and have the information that you need to email or text to the prospects quickly. (I was able to relate to this incident today.)

Joanne Holton

The entire training was great, even for someone like myself, who has been in professional telephone sales for years. I actually learned WHY I had been successful in the past…ie. what I was doing right, and what often lead to a slump, as I recognized some pitfalls. But the 6 closing questions were nuggets of pure gold. Because a million prospects you can’t close are a waste! Closing is what counts!

Penny Bokovoy

It broke down what I needed to know to effectively close the deal.

Lisa Montague

The biggest takeaway for me is that you have to really listen to the underline message from the prospect and really hear what they are saying and help them get what they want. People don’t care what you KNOW, until the know how much you CARE.

Mary Collier
Care Blue

My coaches and teachers have always given me the ability to TRUST the process. I worked with Tony Robbins very successfully for over 12 years.

Our’s (TONYS) success was based on a system that we marketed successfully. for 20 years

2o years of engagement have been proven to lead him to a Multi-Billion dollar business. NO Bull here! 10 well training OEPN MINDED HUNGRY People will change your life

David Husson
One and Only International Cruise Membership Club and business and financial coach

Keeping things simple, while being aware of the questions you are asking, helps everything work.

Dennis Hatlen

1. Lead out with the reason for the call and go straight to “are you interested in a full time or part time work?”. Works like a charm!
2. Qualify leads with a series of six questions.

John Unck

I liked the insights into the personality of the prospect. Helps with the connection.
Also – connecting with the prospect using humor and complimenting them sincerely.

Laurette W.
Network Marketing

The training helps you recruit more prospects and save time.

Walter Applewhite

In the past I have been way to blunt and would get mad when someone told me they did not know what I was talking about. Now I know more of how to handle that. Also giving them option type questions and not yes or no type. The six questions for closing are great as well.

Baxter Price
Nexus Rewards

Dean and Lead Power have put together a great system to build your Networking business. I’m systems oriented and believe that ability to scale (or duplication) is everything in Network Marketing.

Peter Ligotti

Remembering to intentionally connect with prospect by listening better for pain points.

Edward Burnett

The best way to start a conversation
The best closing techniques

Jeffrey L. Filasky
Arizona Independent Partners

While I am new to this training, I am not new to the industry of Social Marketing and have been an entrepreneur for many years. While I’ve always held my own, I’ve wanted to excel in a way that I haven’t yet experienced. The training here is real, in other words, it’s laid out for people who are serious about learning the ropes, who are ready to follow directions and be coachable.
It’s beneficial to be taught by leaders with a no-nonsense, let’s get down to business approach. I’m glad I found this business.

Shoshanna Richek

Watching Dean call through an hour worth of leads, no discouragement, and intuitively determining their actual level of interest after each call.
Realizing I am not the only one that sometimes goes through many numbers without a person picking up wa encouraging.
Using the neuro-linguistic language both in phone calls and in left messages was a big gift.

Tanya Mullakady

Closing questions & overall information

Phyllis Little

Closing with the six questions.

Phyllis Little

So many nuggets and ahh…haa moments OHHH that’s how you do it Everything is laid out in simple easy to follow and digest order I can’t wait to get going !!

Dwayne Teare
Home Buisness Academy

That I don’t have to be afraid to call my prospects if I make it FUN! Also, that I don’t have to be in a hurry to sign-up anyone that I can take my time and choose who I want to be in my business. I also learned that I need to ask more questions and not be afraid to do so.

Catherine Nelson

My 2 biggest nuggets are1) The leads that are available are not Cold Calling on my part! These leads (and I have used them in the past) are opportunity people looking to make money on-line. 2) These leads are reasonably priced. And they will do everything they can to help you become successful. Great to be back in THE GAME!!

Bruce Harris
Mining Crypto Currency

I realize I talk too much. I need to talk less and listen more. Listening to the live prospect training call was very helpful. I liked how Dean guided the gentlemen when he needed assistance during the calls. Overall great call lots of helpful nuggets thanks Dean.

Tina Pettice
Nance Financial

To learn and get leads, get sign ups.. Customers !
Thanks! John

John Lopardo

For me these scripts are extremely awesome! They show us the true basics on screening our prospects. Very professional and upfront. It takes the sting out of not knowing what to say as well something others can learn very easily.

Franklin McQuaid
The Unemployed Genius Crusade

1. When someone is not serious about making money from home, just move on to the next person.
2. Have patience and don’t take anything personal.

Archie Belcher III

Love Dean’s work with the group…..

Bob Ward

I have struggled with closing the deal.

Tiffany Moore

I have tried leads from many other companies, by far the leads I purchase from this company I would recommend for anyone. I find them to be very responsive and the closing ratio is great. Janice C.

It is so helpful getting training, scripts, and live calls to listen to so that we can actually know what to do in real live scenarios. It’s like being in a masterclass. Each training is like sharpening my skills more and more. Then getting on calls and learning as I do…then coming back to each training…it’s like hyperdrive skills training. REAL WORLD LESSONS. Thank you so much!!!

Kristin Hansen

It was very interesting and engaging

I realized that many of the prospects may not be interested when you get them on the phone
the best to do is move on to the next prospect. It’s important to build relationships and get the ones
who are interested to call you back.

Memorize the script and get comfortable. Make it your own so you can flow fluently with your prospects

I enjoy the training and I have learned a lot. It’s very important to make your prospect who are interested comfortable

Give them time to think about what they really want to do.

Rachael Home Business Opportunities

The fact that he doesn’t waste time if the prospect
isn’t a fit or the opportunity.

michael ricotta

Biggest nuggets I got from the call is on making the calls regularly and weeding out the unwanted and enrolling those who qualify or will be capable of making an income and progressing. Also being CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT inspite of all the rejections you will get as a result of making the calls.

We have to remember, there is a ratio we all need to keep in mind when calling and when you will find a “DIAMOND” while making the calls.

Mahendra Patel
Lifestyles Canada Health and Nutrition

That I don’t have to talk to friends or family.
That I’m actually going to be reaching out to people that have like minds and are looking to change their life, with a home-based business.

Donna Schmitz
7K Metals

I realize that fear of not closing a sale has always kept me from closing deals in the past. My approach was wrong so I quickly decided that they were not interested plus I was always asking questions that made it easy for them to give me a no answer or negative comments that I was not able to come back with an answer.
I am happy that I now have the outline for a totally different approach and look forward joyfully to making the calls instead of dreading the experience. Knowledge is power!

Sharon Blackwood

I learned from Dean how you’re able to capture their attention in the scripts and matching their energy. He was calm, and slow when he talked with the prospects. Also, he showed us to SORT through them. I tend to get stuck in a scarcity mindset that I NEED everyone I talk to, instead of an abundance mindset of sorting to get to the RIGHT person, not wasting time on the wrong ones.

Deena M Cannistraci
Financial Freedom Inc.

The training segments are helpful and put me at more ease about reaching out to prospects.

Michelle Rinna
Healthy Shopping Options

The answer No doesnt hurt … So keep dialing

Patrick Gilbert
We Got Friends

The biggest nugget for me was that not all leads are good prospects. You must sort through and find the cream of the crop when calling the leads. Many of the leads will be busy or in the middle of something, so give them a CTA and leave it up to them. If they call back, then they might be serious about starting a new home business.

Jeremy Johnson
Live Good

1 how to you qualify your prospect quickly?
2 ask questions and listen to the answers

Gilbert Swain
Exitus Elite

I was struggling to make calls. These live call trainings have made the difference. In just a matter of weeks, I have increased my prospecting 10-fold! I’m now sponsoring people. Seriously, these leads and these live call trainings are the best use of my time and money.

Kristin Hansen

My mentor shared this service with me and what I love about is the training provided for calling the live training webinar is the best with live calling. I think this is a game-changer for all network marketers.

Youssouf BAH
Smart Digital Marketing LLC