The “STP6” Formula to Becoming a Successful Network Marketer Network marketing has repeatedly proven itself to be a powerfully effective way for people who come from modest means to achieve impressive levels of financial success.

There are, quite literally, tens of thousands of stories of those who have raised themselves from ruin to becoming wealthy.

So why then do so many people struggle with what is essentially a very simple business model?

One of the biggest issues I observe is that people unnecessarily complicate what should be a straightforward business plan.

In this short overview, I’m going to give you my STP6 Formula to achieve success with your network marketing business.

Why Listen To Me?

Before I share my simple formula, why should you listen to me?

My name is Ron Malezis.  I’ve been deeply involved with the profession of network marketing since the early 1980’s.  During the period of time where I was personally building downline organizations, I stumbled on systems that streamlined the entire process of prospecting, recruiting, and team building.

In fact, by employing those systems, I was able to build teams of more than 100,000 reps with 3 separate companies.  Today, I own the largest, oldest, and most recognized company that produces high-quality, verified leads and detailed training resources exclusively serving network marketers.


6 Formula

The STP6 Formula provides an easy way to remember the most important elements in building a successful business. It’s a mnemonic device. It also reminds you to keep things simple. The formula consists of 6 phrases that each start with the initials S. T. P.

STP1 – See The People

It’s called NETWORK marketing for a good reason. You not only build a network of reps to market your company’s products and services, but you begin the process of prospecting and recruiting with the network of contacts you already have.  This group of people is most commonly called your “Warm Market”. Unfortunately, when new reps pester their friends and family about buying products or joining their business, they not only annoy those people, but they also damage the reputation of our industry. That’s why one must learn the right way to do it.

However, this important basic goal still remains. That is you must “SEE” enough people on a consistent basis.  This means you need effective ways of expanding your network of contacts far beyond those people you already know.

An obvious way to do that is to reach out to more people on whatever social networks you use: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on.

Another good way is to generate new sources of fresh contacts who are already interested in what you offer.  In other words, we’re talking about working some sort of “Lead System”.

In truth, it was because I was effective at generating leads and teaching the right ways to follow up on them that I was able to build downline teams of over 100,000 reps several times. I provided an actual business system to my people, and taught them how to use it effectively.

STP2 – Share The Product

Unfortunately, many people go about this step the wrong way. Instead of sharing, they often deliver a sales pitch.  Not only does that rarely work, but it also turns most people off.

Your goal should always be to collect enough information from the people you’re speaking with to determine if your products or services will help them to solve some sort of problem they have.

Be more concerned with being helpful rather than making the sale and you will discover that people are far more receptive.

STP3 – Show The Plan

Your job is to show your company’s compensation plan to as many people as you can.

Often, those you think won’t be interested will surprise you and become very enthusiastic about it.  Other times, those you think will certainly be interested may disappoint you. That’s why a popular saying in network marketing circles is “Those you think will, won’t. Those you think won’t, will.”

Do not attempt to make people’s decisions for them. Show the plan to as many people as you can and let them make up their own minds.

You’ll be amazed how well that works.

STP4 – Solve Their Problems

Whenever you are sharing the products and showing the plan, your first and most important goal is to solve people’s problems.

Solving their problems means you don’t have to be a great salesperson. You never, ever have to be “pushy”.  You are providing a genuine service to them.

When you solve their problems, people will be very grateful.

STP5 – Sponsor The Prospects

There’s a huge difference between merely signing someone up and being a good sponsor.

When you sponsor someone, you take personal responsibility for helping and guiding them through each part of the process.  Remember, this is all new to them. They’ll be nervous and unsure at the beginning.  You must take enough time with each person you sign up to get them started on the best foot possible.

STP6 – Stuff Thy Pockets

Okay.  I say this last STP with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.  However the point is that if you faithfully follow the first 5 steps, you will indeed build a successful and very profitable business.

In Summary

Obviously, there’s more to building a successful, profitable business than I have room to cover here. That’s why I streamlined my message down to a simple 6 step formula that’s easy to remember. The STP6 Formula highlights the simplicity of our profession, and helps you focus on those things that matter most.

For those of you who are truly serious about creating an ultra-profitable business, so that you can live the lifestyle of your dreams, I offer a series of easy-to-read training guides at absolutely NO COST.


My hope is that you accept my gift and apply what you learn there.  It is in achieving success that you not only benefit yourself and your family, but just as importantly, you become one of the newest good examples of what a person can accomplish through the profession of network marketing.