30 Second Exert of the Video Report Lead Magnet


Because that’s EXACTLY what our brand new “LEAD MAGNET” will do for you.

We have created a brand new, emotionally powerful, professionally written,
20 page eBook (and companion Video Report) that effectively reduces your prospect’s skepticism and ‘pre-frames’ their attitudes about the importance and immediate need for them to start a Home Based Business.

This is an authoritative, easy-to-understand eBook that persuasively lays out the crucial importance of being self-reliant, and how starting a network marketing business provides an obvious advantage in such economically uncertain times.

It is presented from a scholarly, factual, 3rd party viewpoint. This approach has been proven to be both very effective at reducing skepticism and for being extremely persuasive.

has there been a bigger world-wide opportunity to
grow your home-based business than there is right now!

With the lengthy list of sudden and turbulent developments in the way life can abruptly change, more people than ever before have had their eyes opened to the necessity of having a viable financial back-up plan.

This means that even those who used to be negative about the idea of network marketing have been jolted into the realization that it’s something they simply must consider doing now.

You can email this influential 20 page eBook, to every new lead you get from us and or to your personal contacts, and that makes it faster and easier than ever before for you to connect and close business.

In fact, we offer both a FREE and a PRIVATE LABELLED version of this powerful new sales closing tool.

2 Great Options For You!

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We email a website link to your prospect that contains a compelling overview of this influential new eBook, the link to download it, and a video presentation.

  • The site is totally generic and is not personalized to you or anyone else. It is strictly a place for someone to watch the video and get an overview of the book along with the download link.
  • The site address is https://homebusinessinfo.net

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This version of the same site can be custom branded to you (and/or your team) https://homebusinessinfo.net

The PRIVATE version of the website can include your choice of any or all of the following:

  • Your Photo
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

when people DOWNLOAD a copy of the eBook, we will send those leads directly to YOUR EMAIL.

the last page of the eBook will contain YOUR PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION just like on the website: Your Photo, Name, Email, Phone Number.

ALL THAT for the low price of just $29