EFFECTIVE, ‘REAL-WORLD’ TRAINING. Discover how to improve the skills you need to grow your team… and your income.

If you want to BE a Pro… compete with the Pros… perform like a Pro… and EARN like a Pro… you’ve got to DO what the Pros do.

Think about this. The biggest difference between a professional athlete and an amateur is that professionals NEVER outgrow their use of coaches and trainers. No matter how many successful games or seasons they’ve had, elite athletes still receive coaching and training on a daily basis throughout their entire careers. Without it, they would not be able to perform at the ultra-high levels required.

That is why we here at Lead power provide you with the very best training materials and professional sales coaching possible.


Let’s face it, no matter HOW GOOD a lead is, it still comes down to YOUR ABILITY to effectively connect with your prospect on a personal level and then make a presentation that is compelling enough for that person to join YOU.

Our leads are all of the highest quality. The only variable in the equation is YOUR SKILL.


Mark Twain once famously said,

“The difference between the right word and the wrong word, is the difference between Lightning…
and Lightning Bug!”

With all that in mind, we have written, crafted, and refined the very best scripts that are field-tested and proven to work.  We supply you with the right words so that you can focus on your delivery, without worrying about what to say.


Not only do we give you the RIGHT WORDS to use, but we also SHOW YOU exactly WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT in order to maximize your success.

This is NOT a bunch of philosophy, some hype, or a big pep-talk either. Nope. Instead we do the ONLY thing that we know is PROVEN TO WORK… that is to have you participate in LIVE CALLS TO ACTUAL PROSPECTS.

That’s right.  You’ll get to LISTEN-IN as our head instructor gets on the phone and calls our leads. This is done LIVE, in real-time. You get to see for yourself exactly how it’s done.  You’ll hear our instructor deal with every type of situation you’re likely to encounter.

Before the call, your instructor will review some basics, then make a few calls while you listen-in. Afterwards he will do an analysis of what took place, so you can benefit from these real-world examples.

This is FAR BEYOND what you’ll find anyplace else.  Usually, what passes for sales training is somebody, in a classroom, telling what to do in an ideal world.

Listening-in to LIVE DIALS that are done in real-time is the VERY BEST way to learn how to call your leads.


The biggest obstacle that many new lead-customers have to deal with is their UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.

We’ve seen far too many inexperienced reps approach the process of calling leads with an overly optimistic and assumptive attitude.

You must remember that these are REAL PEOPLE, who have feelings, experiences, and skepticism… just like you. Yes, they want to better their lives, improve their finances, and enjoy the freedom of a successful home business. But they also want to feel confident and comfortable with the person calling to present that business opportunity.


There is both an ‘art’ and a ‘science’ to making these calls.

THAT is why we go to such extraordinary lengths to provide you with the very best training materials and professional sales coaching possible.


A person can gain their wisdom in one of 2 ways.

  1. You can learn from your own mistakes.
    This is very effective and the lessons you learn this way stay with you.
    It can also be very painful. That is why the lessons stay with you so well.
  2. You can learn from the mistakes of someone else.
    Again, this is very effective, but it significantly reduces the ‘trial & error’ period. Also, it is not nearly as painful.  Learning this way has many of the benefits without as much of the hurt.

We already KNOW what mistakes you’re going to make. How???

We’ve personally called more than 100,000 prospects ourselves, over the years.
And we’ve coached and trained TENS OF THOUSANDS of reps just like you.

We can save you from the pain, the trial & error, and the struggle of trying to figure this out for yourself.

All the heavy lifting has been done for you. You just need to maintain a coachable and teachable attitude.

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Live Network Marketing Training

These training segments are right on point – inspirational and beneficial.

Sandy Westbrook
Sandy's Health and Wealth
I am listening more deeply and gaining strength for advancing my business.
A takeaway for anyone is that we are in a continual growth pattern that can only help us to advance our careers.

Maintaining posture, being direct

Stephen Helman
International Markets Live
I have made a couple more enrolments, but I have not retained. But the training is second to none.
I listen better, I am more comfortable on the phone. I told Dean that before, I would dread prospecting for 15 minutes. Now I prospect and before I know it, 2 hours have gone by. I am an introvert. And these sessions help me get out of my cage and communicate better.
Prospecting is not a selling game. It is a sorting game. Don't be afraid to let someone go. There is SOMEONE waiting for you to call them with your opportunity. Keep on trucking through. Keep your posture. and have FUN!!
If you are an introvert, and you are having trouble reaching out and talking to people, this training helps you break out of it. Dean make sit look EASY, and when you go through the training, you start to believe it is easy, because it is, with the right training. And these calls with Dean, ARE the right training.

Always getting nuggets to help improve my game

Listening to the live calls as I do the same and have the dialer

Paul Fleming
I have not seen a lot of results yet but sharpening my game. Getting closer and getting presentations in front of people
I am a way better talker and listening and able to sense who is serious and who is not. I am a former lion and friend with Dean for several years.
I do not have a team yet

This trainings gave me so much benifical information. I learned what I was doing wrong, and how to correct it, How to get my prospects to listen to the information with interest, and to go to the next step. I like the fact that there are examples of how to do this the right way.

Sonia B HIll

I was somewhat hesitant to get leads when I first started within my network marketing company, mostly because it’s not very duplicatable. However, I realized that prospecting and qualifying people was taking forever. And, I wasn’t too comfortable reaching out to my warm market yet. I was referred to leadpower, and was amazed with all the training articles and videos they provide. When I saw that they have a live training call a couple times a week, in which you watch someone experienced make calls to the same leads I was pretty intrigued. And, after checking out this free training, and the ensuing FB thread I was convinced how cool the advice Dean has. I try to listen to and schedule around his calls now.
The cool thing is that it’s not theoretical training that you get from a book, or watching a youtube video. Though, he has a ton of awesome references too. I refer all new partners to crossline people in the company to listen to his free calls. And, the great thing is that it’s recorded if you can’t make the live call.

Kevin Kearney
I'm a lot more confident and comfortable talking with leads now. I'm still not as good as I want to be. However, his trainings are definitely helping find the right people in which I want to work.
I'm improving a bunch since I've been listening to him: anything from having better dialogues, to listening so much better.
I need to get out of my own way, and I'm interviewing them to see that if they are the right fit. I'm not in the convincing business. I'm listening a lot better now.
Request to join the page (answer the 3 questions), and listen to a call (Sun, Tue and Thur). You will probably pick up great tips.

I love Dean’s trainings I love his approach and posture his leads are really open to moving forward and learning more about the business

Myra Burrows
I've been able to talk with more confidence
I'm a better listener and asking better questions
I've connected my team into his trainings to get this valuable information so they may grow as I have
You need to plug into this system you have to have leads in order to grow

There were several great nuggets; the most important one was leaving the right message for my new prospect and not immediately diving into my business opportunity before getting to know the prospect and what they want.

Glenn Watkins
Well, I can see how the warming process can work much better than simply jumping into what we have to offer.

I really liked the phone tips, with the importance of gleaning information from a conversation instead of “selling” a prospect.y

Jennifer Reyes
LevelUp 247
I haven't put this into practice yet, but it makes me feel more prepared to pick up the phone and call a lead.
The videos contain great tips for asking either/or questions, asking how much they want to make instead of telling them a high number they might earn.
Knowing which words to use--and which to avoid--is helpful whether calling, texting or emailing leads.
Definitely worth a listen! Invaluable knowledge and downloadable scripts to help with prospect calls.

Watching Dean’s demeanour as he contacted the leads was very educational in itself. A great example of how to maintain full control of a prospecting call and do it in a friendly & pleasant manner.

Dean’s training points on Mastering Connecting drive right to the heart of the matter. Excellent!

Peter DeBono

The biggest nugget that I’ve gotten from these trainings is that I just have to pick up the phone and dial! I have to make calls to get better at making calls and NOTHING will happen if I don’t make the calls! End of story.

Sherri Battersby
These trainings will give you lots of tips and help you to gain confidence in yourself.

One of the biggest things I got out of the training tonight was the ease at which you got the prospects to talk to you. In addition, I learned how to be more conversational as opposed to being transactional. Thanks!

Glenn Watkins
I believe I will be able to get more people to look at my business using this style of conversation, eg. I know you were not expecting to have a call from me, but recently, you were online looking for a way to earn some extra income...
Being a better active listener.
How to be more conversational with prospects so that they don't see you as someone who is simply trying to make a sale... We all know people love to buy, but hate to be sold.
What to say when they get objections.

The first biggest nugget is communication. keeping prospects engaged is very important. I’m learning to ask better questions.
The second biggest nugget is Clarity. Assuming without clarity will lose future business partners and or clients. Getting concise and clear answers/responses keeps both parties on the same page without a misunderstanding.

Stefon Gordon
I’ve asked more questions based on listening.
My communication skills are better because I’m trying to relate/if possible to the prospects and meeting them where they are.
My biggest take away my team should know is too stop focusing on recruiting and start focusing on solving the prospects problem.
I personally think all reps should ask more questions to sort out the suspects from the prospects - Dean.

TheTraning is done live and we can learn and implement it in our conversation with our customers. and have training videos and PDFs to overcome our obstacles.

sadiq wazeer
This is my first day but I can see how much valuable content is provided.
once you have the knowledge you can get more customers to your Team,
Step By Step Instruction to follow.
once you have the training material practice or role-play you will get advance.

I liked how Dean let people know that it didn’t look like a fit without offending potential prospects.

Good to see that not every call is a hold mine.

Good point about using pauses at the appropriate time in the approach.

Kyle Gunning
Good Standard Partners
I think it will help slow me down in my speech pattern
Take my time in the calls
Good to hear and learn from others. Pace, tone of voice.

The biggest take away I’ve gotten was how you must ask questions from the prospect and let them tell you about themselves and there situation

Steve Mosley
Legal shield
I’m more comfortable on the phone and I feel more in control of the conversation
All three of those have improved at first I was doing too much talking
It’s a numbers game truly but the more calls you make the better you’ll be at calling leads
Insightful information about the whole process of cold calling

how to dig deeper asking better and more engaging questions…

Sidney Lloyd
Im just getting started the nugget I picked upI have yet to apply,,,
That's what I see now is most important listening for the cues (i.e. pain points)
All that was said...
How to be a better Conversationalist!

When I started I couldn’t believe that I was setting myself up for failure with the very first question. I learned quickly knowing the right questions to ask keeps prospects on the phone. The phrasing that is used can also determine the length of the conversations. Having a simple script to follow makes calling so much easier and opens up my dialing time.

Jessica Mize
I am much more confident now when dialing prospects.
These guidelines have made it so much easier for duplication, they are simple and easy to learn.
That, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach this type of business. These video trainings highlight all the common mistakes new business owners make.
People are always changing, so we need training that can change too. That's what you will find here, this material addresses everyday life situations that can throw you off course. They have a very strategic way for you to take back the interview.

Feel empowered to make the calls. The scripts are very useful.

Michelle Ferguson
Market America
Able to be clear and succinct when asking questions
Able to ask better questions and more confident.
Follow the scripts

I learned tonight about being confident while talking to prospects when we want to provide info about the opportunity.

Abdurrazaq khudayi
Network Marketing Opportunity
i learned new strategies how to talk to prospects on the phone and how to convince them to get into the opportunity and make money from home.
My communication skill get better since i am in this webinar calls with Dean. the way he speak to the prospects i really admire him. i have learned so many new thing and improved my skill day by day.
the biggest take away being confident and learn the scripts how to talk with prospects on the phone.
i would like invite my team to come and learn new skill from Dean how to speak with prospects and how to convince them.

One of the biggest nuggets I took away was to always keep control of the conversation and not let the prospect take over. The second was to not allow someone to ask me to call them back, which is something I have done. I learned that I ask what their interest level was from 1 – 10 and tell them if they’re truly interested, they’ll call me back. Also, to tell them to write $3,000 – $5,000 next to my number to incentivize.

Debra Reaves
Not much yet, I will continue to grow as I grow my skills.
Slowly, but surely.
To keep my posture at all times.
I would like others to know that if they keep training, they will get better with time.

The way your approach is laid out is so simple, fear of failing has been stripped away. I am ready to move forward with a different mindset of ‘I CAN’. Thank you for understanding what holds people back and providing a step by step easy to follow.

Annie Ferreira
Legal Shield
I just completed watching the videos and am ready to move forward.
I am more relaxed and ready to move forward. I paid for but am not sure how to retrieve my leads.
First, I must do then show.
The relaxed feeling of 'I can move forward knowing' there will be no's but there will also be yeses based on my new approach and my new insights. I appreciate all the effort it took to put this together. I am not new to this homebased business, but I will move forward as a 'sorter', not a salesman. While I have gone through many how-to trainings, yours resonated with me. Mahalo!

Never a dull moment when Dean is Live dialing. Listen while he interviews his prospects and qualifies them for a home business opportunity. The more I listen in on these live dial’s the more confident I’ve become on the phone. Dean will also demonstrate how to handle negative and or objectionable people professionally. If your afraid to get on the phone you need to jump on these calls.

Tim Pacello
I'm bringing in about 3 to 4 new associates for every 10 people I talk to or text.
Asking the right questions, sending the right information follow up with a phone or text and then it's usually a close sometimes a no but hey, go for the no's.
Probably help them get more comfortable with themselves on the phone talking to leads.
You will learn all the skills to become a live dialing machine.

As McDonald’s has systems that work so we need to follow their lead. Leadpower.net not only talks the talk but they game my 10 leads for free and then sent me a video with pdf to teach me how to contact the prospects. There’s so much free content to keep you busy for years, and I’m taking full advantage of it all. Thanks 🙏 for everyone who came before me to put together this info for all of us.

Ken Davis
Assure for life
I noticed my posture has changed because I’m not coming from a place of lack and coming from a place of abundance due to having access to leads now.
I’m starting to understand I must be in control of the interview. I must be willing to disqualify them fast and move on to the person waiting for my ☎️
My biggest takeaway is first start calling leads before calling their warm market because it takes away the emotional contact they have with family and friends.
This is like a breath of fresh air from the newest businesses owner or the veteran. Iron sharpens iron and the pros know this already.

I really like the way you use questions to control the conversation and to lead them toward the goal of joining the business. I am sharing them with my VA who does the initial calling for me.

Bob Sharpe
We haven't used the system yet, but I know it will be a great improvement over what she has been doing.
The biggest takeaway is the way to close using "On a scale of 1-10..."
I've been a successful network market in the past before my company failed. I am starting a new team with LegalShield now. I will be sharing these trainings with my downline.

The training from the webinar calls and Transforming Entrepreneurs program is wonderful and inspiring. I am truly learning the aspect of sorting versus selling and not convincing or begging people to join to my business. It was tough pill for me to swallow and going through the numbers. Going through the fire of rejection and finding the right people. That is the powerful information I am learning from the calls.

Edgar Bolden
Having confidence and gain confidence talking to the phone with the Leads. Using the script and having confident conversations.
Listening to one of the 1st traits I am trying to accomplish when I call the prospect. Mirroring there energy,
Learning how to connect with the prospect.
I am improving each day and wanted to become a master prospector in the future.

how to prospect, keep it simple, and what questions to ask to get your prospects to say yes’

have not done this yet
I have practiced with a friend on the presentation. I am getting better.
don't get discouraged if someone doesn't call you or say no. thank them for their time and keep moving
That it is easy to follow and it gives good tips and advice

Great training. This took me back to my cal center days training others doing side by side. What a way to get up close and with a personal touch of our product! Thanks Coach Dean!

Senora James
Senora James
My confidence level was enhanced.
This helped guide me with call points and a flow of expectancy calling prospects.
You are in control you are the answer and have what they have been waiting for.
This takes you from cold to warm using a third party.

I learn to be motivated and have good posture when talking with prospects on the phone.

Demetric Bey
Affiliate marketing
I have noticed by following the downloaded scripts I am able to get more prospects on the phone.
I feel more comfortable each time i get on the phone with a new prospect i am able to present my business and get through building relationship and trust BRT.
These modules really help especially if you fear picking up the phobe. You get the opportunity to listen in to live training.
If you are struggling with posture and talking with prospects on the phone these trainings are a must attend. You will gain momentum and you will learn how to build your posture to bring more people in your business..

I like how you built a rapport with that prospect. I like all the information you gave in the beginning especially on how self motivation is the best motivator in building a home business.

Calissa Pridgen
Coastal Vacations
I am able to be more natural in my calls.
My listening is a lot better and I able to really build a friend with the prospect.
You have to keep learning and improving to succeed in business.

Its simple and easy!
I’m more confident in how to present. How I contact people has always been
my weakest link. I’m sure this will give me an extra stepping stone.

Just finish, working on it.
Just finish, and working on it.
My biggest takeaway, is that any person I enroll within my organization could do this and be confident that they will succeed.
They will get the feeling that this is workable, anyone can do it. A given plan to be self assured.

Dont fall into “How much is this cost me” trap. I am going to use your “It wont break the bank”

Suresh Alluri
I am ready to go ahead apply the new learnings from this training for better conversion rates
Prospects are more engaged.
Dont fall into "How much is this cost me" trap. I am going to use your "It wont break the bank"
Dont miss these live lead call trainings

Great live dial training by Dean on How to handle A/Aggressive personalities tonight. Thanks so much Dean!

Suresh Alluri
Looking forward to apply tonights learnings in my next calls.
How to communicate with A personalities
Learning to handle different personalities
Anyone who wants to master these calls, They cant afford to miss these live call webinars.

The training tonight was very valuable to me. The live activity of the calling the real leads to two different prospects that had inquired about doing business from home. The first individual named Christopher wanted to take over the conversation and did not want to listen and answer the questions that would qualify him as a future business owner.

The second individual named John, was calm and listen to the questions that were asked. He was engaged with the questions and wanted his wife to watch the information that was forth coming.

Joanne Holton
Holton Enterprise, LLC
This was my first time watching the Live Dials in action.
This is my first time participating in the Live Dials. I see that I will need to listen more and learn to ask the right engaging, qualifying questions to receive the positive yes response.
I was amazed and very informative of the two prospects that interactive with Mr. William. I observed that we will need to be firm with the many individuals that we will meet and be pleasant with the individuals.
Listening, take notes and take time to apply the actions that are taught.

The biggest nugget tonight for me was the way that Dean stopped the interview when he realized the prospect wasn’t who he was looking for. I thought that process went smoothly.

Debra Reaves
I actually haven't. However, that's due to my own inconsistency.
The demeanor on the calls. The posture.
They can gain priceless knowledge about calling leads.

Be relaxed honest and confident on the phone!

Richard Taylor
Assure For Life
My first time on training looking forward to trying these leads
I will be engaging the prospect more
Qualify the prospect!
That this is exceptional training

During the live dialing session I learned how to quickly qualify/disqualify a prospect with a series of questions. If the prospect isn’t displaying any kind of energy hurry up and get to the disqualifying questions. However, some prospects showed signs of interest and re-qualified themselves. While talking to a prospect you must speak slowly and clearly. This will enable him/her to fully understand what you are saying.

Bryant Wilson
Xtreme FX Global
I'm just getting started with this program. However, I feel that this training will ramp up my conversions.
I really believe I have become a better listener and learning to ask better questions. The prospects I deal with are less reluctant to give me their contact info when I ask for it
The biggest takeaway I have gotten from these trainings is doesn't matter where you are in your business you can use these simple techniques to improve yourself and translate it to building a massive team
Very easy to follow and implement. Also, it's a neutral setting where any individual, team, or company can come in and learn how to truly grow their business.

Learn how to be confident on the phone and learn to sort rather than recruit just anyone in your business

Bryan williams
Listening, Phone confidence
My communication skill improved by listening, empathizing , and relating to the lead
Learn how to build a downline quicker by calling leads
How to sort out serious leads from the tire kickers

The first nugget I received from tonight’s training segment, was being direct in your approach and precise in my tone on the phone.

My second nugget understanding the concept of leaving a voice mail message.

Michael Gee
Mike Gee's Insurance Group
I start my dialing tomorrow.
I start my dialing tomorrow.
The language when speaking to a prospect. You are in charge of the call.
Take pride in your business each and everyday! Accomplishing your daily goals will allow you to reach your weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

I see that we have to stay consistent and have the information that you need to email or text to the prospects quickly. (I was able to relate to this incident today.)

Joanne Holton
I was able to communicate with the prospects over 90 seconds today.
I am beginning to improve speaking up with my communication skills. I am listening to individuals that are around in the community.
The biggest 'Take Away' that I've gotten from these training modules are applicable on a daily basis and duplicatable.
These training has allowed me to improve in personal development.

The entire training was great, even for someone like myself, who has been in professional telephone sales for years. I actually learned WHY I had been successful in the past…ie. what I was doing right, and what often lead to a slump, as I recognized some pitfalls. But the 6 closing questions were nuggets of pure gold. Because a million prospects you can’t close are a waste! Closing is what counts!

Penny Bokovoy
I've yet to try the techniques and scripts suggested, thoough many have already been introduced by my upline. Asking what the prospect liked best is a strong positive opener, and it works well!
The biggest takeaway is probably to be an Advisor rather than a salesperson. And I love that the questions really sets the tone of interviewing them for a position on your team, because I really want to add cohesive team members, not just warm bodies!
The trainings are wonderfully universal, and I thought of friends in many companies that would benefit greatly from it. In fact, I plan to recommend you to a family member who's in CTFO!

It broke down what I needed to know to effectively close the deal.

Lisa Montague
Better advantages and more direct approaches more confident and better equipped
Yes absolutely
This is exactly what we needed.

The biggest takeaway for me is that you have to really listen to the underline message from the prospect and really hear what they are saying and help them get what they want. People don’t care what you KNOW, until the know how much you CARE.

Mary Collier
Care Blue
There hasn't been much improvement, but I have been talking with quite a few prospects.
My communications skills have gotten much better since I have been practicing the script. I also tend to listen more than I talk and the prospects are more open to answering questions.
Just be willing the listen without interrupting and not be judgemental.
If you are new to prospecting, the training materials have so much value. You can learn everything you need to know about propecting and closing the deal. There is some much invaluable information and it is easy to following. I especially like "Best Wasy to Contact Your Leads" and "The Profitable Network Marketer" because it shows you how to close the deal with very little effort.

My coaches and teachers have always given me the ability to TRUST the process. I worked with Tony Robbins very successfully for over 12 years.

Our’s (TONYS) success was based on a system that we marketed successfully. for 20 years

2o years of engagement have been proven to lead him to a Multi-Billion dollar business. NO Bull here! 10 well training OEPN MINDED HUNGRY People will change your life

David Husson
One and Only International Cruise Membership Club and business and financial coach
GROWTH GROWTH GROWTH and still here. Five years later and going strong
Dean has always taught me to listen twice as hard as I speak. Selling is not telling, selling is asking questions... Follow the script and duplicate

Keeping things simple, while being aware of the questions you are asking, helps everything work.

Dennis Hatlen
Just starting
I’m extremely experienced, and have trained many others in calling leads. I like that this is available, so I don’t have to do it all myself.
It can easily be learned and duplicated.
Just follow the system.

1. Lead out with the reason for the call and go straight to “are you interested in a full time or part time work?”. Works like a charm!
2. Qualify leads with a series of six questions.

John Unck
I've experienced a dramatic improvement on both saving time on the phone as well as securing better prospects/ team members.
I have been in sales and networking for 35 years and the training has not only improved my skillset with new information, but has helped me to refine neglected bad habits.
The training is invaluable for newbies and well as nice refresher for professionals. And now I have an outlet to steer new recruits to that are short on leads, not sales funnel savvy, and are part of the NFL club.
The training is top notch and so are the leads. Out of my initial 10 leads, I had 7 people pick up the phone on the first attempt on day one. Thanks to the training, I didn't even experience any objections worth mentioning. An hour later, several of the people that answered my call were on a live Zoom presentation for my opportunity. Three invited a follow-up call in the future, and texted to thank me. Keep in mind, yesterday was day one. I can see a full pipeline in my near future.

I liked the insights into the personality of the prospect. Helps with the connection.
Also – connecting with the prospect using humor and complimenting them sincerely.

Laurette W.
Network Marketing
I enjoy connecting with people on the phone, so I see how this is going to help me even more.
Asking better questions, definitely! Taking notes!!!
Confidence on the phone. We've "got the cookie!"
Use these materials and they will help keep you focused and succeed. (SEPARATE NOTE: Dean mentioned on tonight's live dials call to send in a review for 50 free real-time short form leads tonight only). Thank you so much!!!

The training helps you recruit more prospects and save time.

Walter Applewhite
I'm recruiting more leads for my business.
The script helps you identify the right prospects for your business.
Team members would benefit from knowing that the training is helping people build their online business.
Network marketers need to know that the training will help them recruit more reps that are motivated and want to see better results for their business.

In the past I have been way to blunt and would get mad when someone told me they did not know what I was talking about. Now I know more of how to handle that. Also giving them option type questions and not yes or no type. The six questions for closing are great as well.

Baxter Price
Nexus Rewards
I have not started yet
Will let you know
Just how to ask questions the right way.
It makes you more comfortable on the calls when you have a proven plan

Dean and Lead Power have put together a great system to build your Networking business. I’m systems oriented and believe that ability to scale (or duplication) is everything in Network Marketing.

Peter Ligotti
I was once clueless about enrolling and converting but can now pretty much convert-at-will.
My communication skills have improved at least ten fold since working with Dean and Lead Power.
The system takes all of the guess work out of the business.
Deans a great teacher and has ability to customize to the needs of the client or business-owner. He's given me great personal customized insights based on my unique needs and situation.

Remembering to intentionally connect with prospect by listening better for pain points.

Edward Burnett
Just started back working my business after cancer treatments.
I am beginning to be a better listener.
Tonight was my first training.

The best way to start a conversation
The best closing techniques

Jeffrey L. Filasky
Arizona Independent Partners
The ease of transition.
Listening to how they feel not just how they perceive the presentation.
Learn-absorb-act-follow up-congratulations.
Keep learning and be aware of how your success is shared with others so they can achieve the same success.

While I am new to this training, I am not new to the industry of Social Marketing and have been an entrepreneur for many years. While I’ve always held my own, I’ve wanted to excel in a way that I haven’t yet experienced. The training here is real, in other words, it’s laid out for people who are serious about learning the ropes, who are ready to follow directions and be coachable.
It’s beneficial to be taught by leaders with a no-nonsense, let’s get down to business approach. I’m glad I found this business.

Shoshanna Richek
I'm brand new and haven't began yet.
I can tell that I will definitely develop more confidence to be a strong leader with better communication skills.
Being coachable is critical to success. We can only teach what we've learned and practiced.
The training materials are backed by personal attention and opportunities to receive coaching. This isn't just a website with options to buy and spend money.

Watching Dean call through an hour worth of leads, no discouragement, and intuitively determining their actual level of interest after each call.
Realizing I am not the only one that sometimes goes through many numbers without a person picking up wa encouraging.
Using the neuro-linguistic language both in phone calls and in left messages was a big gift.

Tanya Mullakady
I am moving forward with more confidence to meet a certain number of conversations each day, not just a certain amount of dialed numbers.
Feeling confident in answering any question that arises. If the prospect asks if it is sales, being excitedly confident to tell them "yes, it sure is!"
Watching that it doesn't have to be made into a big deal. Just set a timer and start calling the leads you have to get into engaged conversation.
The calls are worth it. It may not be the first or second call that gets you to a truly interested person, but you will get to an interested person if you keep picking up the phone.

Closing questions & overall information

Phyllis Little
Just did this....too early to determine
How to close a sale
Overall info was excellent

Closing with the six questions.

Phyllis Little
Just did training
Yes, learned some valuable tools
How to Close the sale
Training is GOOD!

So many nuggets and ahh…haa moments OHHH that’s how you do it Everything is laid out in simple easy to follow and digest order I can’t wait to get going !!

Dwayne Teare
Home Buisness Academy
I just started and NOW I know where Ive been messing up
Much better now that i know what to say and listen for WAAAAY easier then winging it
It's really simple and not intimidating It makes communication eaiser
It removes so much stupid brain waste and overthinking things You are in control of the conversations and guide them down a trail and see if they fit or don't .

That I don’t have to be afraid to call my prospects if I make it FUN! Also, that I don’t have to be in a hurry to sign-up anyone that I can take my time and choose who I want to be in my business. I also learned that I need to ask more questions and not be afraid to do so.

Catherine Nelson
I haven't had any enrollment issues, yet I just order leads.
I am listening better to what the prospects are saying. This is helping me to choose who I want to continue the conversation with or to end it.
How to call the prospects and what questions to ask them.
That the phone doesn't have to feel like an 8000 pounds hammer.

My 2 biggest nuggets are1) The leads that are available are not Cold Calling on my part! These leads (and I have used them in the past) are opportunity people looking to make money on-line. 2) These leads are reasonably priced. And they will do everything they can to help you become successful. Great to be back in THE GAME!!

Bruce Harris
Mining Crypto Currency
I have been away. My Company that I spent 7 years building was sold to another company. It was not the same. So I became discouraged. I did not quit.. I just stopped trying to build it anymore. Looking forward to working again with Ron and Dean! I am getting close to retirement. In the next year and 1/2 I will be replacing my income.. ( $6,000 take home a month) The old juices are flowing again.. I am ready to take it to the next level!
I have always had no problem talking to anyone. Either on the phone or in person. But Father Time is ticking. I have to give my part time business more of my time to build it for Retirement!
What is taught in these Training Modules will stay with you all your life. Also not just in business. You will be amazed how better you will be able to communicate with friends and family. Mainly by being a better listener!
Your part time business will grow to a Full Time Opportunity by using these Trainings and using what you have learned. The Training will help one to Dream again. Put to practice what you learn and you will become Successful!

I realize I talk too much. I need to talk less and listen more. Listening to the live prospect training call was very helpful. I liked how Dean guided the gentlemen when he needed assistance during the calls. Overall great call lots of helpful nuggets thanks Dean.

Tina Pettice
Nance Financial
I plan to implement the nuggets I learned tonight asap.
I haven't implemented them as of yet. I will have to get back to you on that.
Learned the same as I did to not talk to much listen and send the information let them look at it before going on and on about the opportunity. That can scare people away.
I would recommend it to anyone.

To learn and get leads, get sign ups.. Customers !
Thanks! John

John Lopardo
Getting more leads/ Customers.
Yes have improved
More partners..
Learn and improve your results..

For me these scripts are extremely awesome! They show us the true basics on screening our prospects. Very professional and upfront. It takes the sting out of not knowing what to say as well something others can learn very easily.

Franklin McQuaid
The Unemployed Genius Crusade
It has truly been a nice ice breaker to get our conversation started. It's as if we are giving an interview withiut others really knowing that. They feel comfortable, you feel confortable. It's a win, win as far as being able to get the information we want, as well getting them the information they need!
My communication with others has improved. I can understand their needs more and can help address it with them.
This training is very duplicatable. I feel most anyone would benefit from these trainings if they were to put it to practice.
Learning these simple training skills would enhance your vaule to be able to bring other into what ever business you are desired to do. t's truly about people being able to help people get and achieve what they would want in life and business. Franklin McQuaid Fonder & Visionary http://TheUnemployedGenius.com "Making a Difference" Changing Lives!

1. When someone is not serious about making money from home, just move on to the next person.
2. Have patience and don’t take anything personal.

Archie Belcher III
Have patience and show that you are calling to help them, it's not about you.
My communications skills have improved because I listen to the person and that helps me to understand how to engage with them better.
To me the biggest takeaway is that you have to be consistent in making the phone calls to help other people.
The training materials helps you become better in having success in help others join your team and to help you become successful in your business.

Love Dean’s work with the group…..

Bob Ward
I have learned a great deal and am much better on the phone.
Yes, communication skills are much improved and I get much better results....
Consistancy wins!
There is no replacement for continued education and training.....

I have struggled with closing the deal.

Tiffany Moore
Watching the training videos gave me the language to use after someone has watched the video.
Knowing what questions to ask beforehand, was key to my success. Tips on how to be an advisor and not a salesperson, place the pressure on the prospect and I am able to facilitate the conversation.
Now, I immediately ask the SALE with confidence!
I am still growing and learning. Get Started! Fail at It! Practice! And Practice some more! Thank you

I have tried leads from many other companies, by far the leads I purchase from this company I would recommend for anyone. I find them to be very responsive and the closing ratio is great. Janice C.

It is so helpful getting training, scripts, and live calls to listen to so that we can actually know what to do in real live scenarios. It’s like being in a masterclass. Each training is like sharpening my skills more and more. Then getting on calls and learning as I do…then coming back to each training…it’s like hyperdrive skills training. REAL WORLD LESSONS. Thank you so much!!!

Kristin Hansen
I am now having the prospect open up and talk and share their lives with me. I have had prospects book follow-up calls with me. I am now converting prospects to the second call. I have had a couple of sales. I am on my way.
For every sentence I say, I ask three questions and now my prospects are talking!!! I feel confident. I'm keeping my prospect on the straight line! AND I feel like I am honoring them. I feel like they are opening up to me and sharing what really matters to them.
Asking questions makes the biggest difference. Quality conversations leads to rapport building/relationship building and establishing trust AND positioning me as the trusted advisor.
Having the leads is just the beginning, learning how to speak with them, guide them and closing them is actually where the fun begins!

It was very interesting and engaging

I realized that many of the prospects may not be interested when you get them on the phone
the best to do is move on to the next prospect. It’s important to build relationships and get the ones
who are interested to call you back.

Memorize the script and get comfortable. Make it your own so you can flow fluently with your prospects

I enjoy the training and I have learned a lot. It’s very important to make your prospect who are interested comfortable

Give them time to think about what they really want to do.

Rachael Home Business Opportunities

The fact that he doesn’t waste time if the prospect
isn’t a fit or the opportunity.

michael ricotta
Just getting started so haven't had an opportunity to make calls yet.
Definitely have learned a lot from Dean,but just getting started.
The fact that without leads you won't get where you want to go in this business.
It will definitely give you confidence handle leads successfully.

Biggest nuggets I got from the call is on making the calls regularly and weeding out the unwanted and enrolling those who qualify or will be capable of making an income and progressing. Also being CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT inspite of all the rejections you will get as a result of making the calls.

We have to remember, there is a ratio we all need to keep in mind when calling and when you will find a “DIAMOND” while making the calls.

Mahendra Patel
Lifestyles Canada Health and Nutrition
Not much since I have not made many calls. I plan on raming up my calls in 2023 and reach the next level is my goal.
I always talk less than the client does. I will answer all their questions without being talkative.
Biggest takeaway: Your personal development determines your level of income.
This is the University for Network Marketing aspirants. This is without going into a six figures debt like medical students who have over $165,000 in debt at the completion of their studies and specialty training. This training in the log term, if mastered with intent, deliver more with less debt than a medical school education at a college which is anywhere from 4-7 years of College, depending on specialty.

That I don’t have to talk to friends or family.
That I’m actually going to be reaching out to people that have like minds and are looking to change their life, with a home-based business.

Donna Schmitz
7K Metals
I haven't started, but I'm seeing more confidence in me. Just practicing the scripts.
Well, I have learned to not throw up on them. I have learned to get the facts and see how I'm able to help them or if I even can.
I've learned that it's very important to listen and to not give information that's not necessary. That if you let them tell you about them you can pretty much be able to tell if they will even follow through to get more information. Or if you really want them on your team.

I realize that fear of not closing a sale has always kept me from closing deals in the past. My approach was wrong so I quickly decided that they were not interested plus I was always asking questions that made it easy for them to give me a no answer or negative comments that I was not able to come back with an answer.
I am happy that I now have the outline for a totally different approach and look forward joyfully to making the calls instead of dreading the experience. Knowledge is power!

Sharon Blackwood

I learned from Dean how you’re able to capture their attention in the scripts and matching their energy. He was calm, and slow when he talked with the prospects. Also, he showed us to SORT through them. I tend to get stuck in a scarcity mindset that I NEED everyone I talk to, instead of an abundance mindset of sorting to get to the RIGHT person, not wasting time on the wrong ones.

Deena M Cannistraci
Financial Freedom Inc.
I have been able to move 9 out of 10 first contact prospects to the second step by following the scripts.
By using the script given in the training, I went from hang ups or 'not interested' to 100% conversion to having a conversation when they pickup.
This is a sorting business! You don't want to work with everyone.

The training segments are helpful and put me at more ease about reaching out to prospects.

Michelle Rinna
Healthy Shopping Options
I requested the 10 Free Leads to try out leads. This was my first time ever using leads, made one call, and I have an appointment set for tomorrow. I am looking forward to calling more of these leads and also looking forward to registering to buy more leads.
I am so new, but I feel I did far better than I thought I would do.
I would say that the biggest take away is that they will have the feeling, also, that they can succeed with calling leads.
Not only can we gain the knowledge from the training videos but also by listening to the live calls that I look forward to joining in on to learn further.

The answer No doesnt hurt … So keep dialing

Patrick Gilbert
We Got Friends
Getting better quality conversations
Learning to take charge of the conversation and direct it in the direction I want it to go
How to stay positive and dont get discourage
knowledge is power and great deals

The biggest nugget for me was that not all leads are good prospects. You must sort through and find the cream of the crop when calling the leads. Many of the leads will be busy or in the middle of something, so give them a CTA and leave it up to them. If they call back, then they might be serious about starting a new home business.

Jeremy Johnson
Live Good
Not every lead you call will be perfect for your opportunity. When you are on the phone, you are both deciding if it's a good fit.
If you are new to calling prospects, it's definitely not what you pictured it would be.

1 how to you qualify your prospect quickly?
2 ask questions and listen to the answers

Gilbert Swain
Exitus Elite
Reaching more people to give my presentation to
I am asking better questions and doing a better job of listening to the prospect
How prospecting is the most important thing you can do most of your time needs to be spent doing exactly that and you continue to need to be working on your skill set and mindset
It’s important that you work with your deadline and come up with a mastermind group

I was struggling to make calls. These live call trainings have made the difference. In just a matter of weeks, I have increased my prospecting 10-fold! I’m now sponsoring people. Seriously, these leads and these live call trainings are the best use of my time and money.

Kristin Hansen
I am now controlling the conversations. I feel confident. I am having fun. I am not sweating to death!
I am now able to ask the harder questions and lean into the prospects more.
My team members would gain more from knowing how to listen and speak with prospects and use rapport building with questions.
I just don't see how anyone could go wrong learning how to prospect this way. It's professional. It's confidence boosting. Furthermore, it's the way the profession should be operating.

My mentor shared this service with me and what I love about is the training provided for calling the live training webinar is the best with live calling. I think this is a game-changer for all network marketers.

Youssouf BAH
Smart Digital Marketing LLC
I have done face-to-face contacting to bring in partners, but with leadpower you have a whole pipeline with people already expressed to start a home-based business. love it.
I just found out about the service, but i am really excited to start practicing my communication skills.
I believe my team members will benefits from this training and get over the fear to talk to people and take their business to the next level.
the training will boost my confidence and build a huge business.

Don’t waste your time if they are hesitant
The number of times I talk to a person is more important than any given call.

Lydia S.

I liked how the Caller introduced herself by telling the Lead she called with the following: “You weren’t expecting this Call from me
– you recently expressed an interest in having your own Business that you can work from home, and I am giving you a courtesy call to see if what I am doing would be something you would be interested in.”

Another Nugget was how the Caller ended a conversation with “I am sending you some information for you to look
into and I will follow up with you ________.”

Deanna Margetts
Actually I will put these Nuggets into action when I call my Leads. I just watched/listened to the Thursday Evening Webinar so have not had opportunity to Call Leads today
I definitely use what I learned through last night’s trading by: - listening to the Lead’s Dream and Goals - I will ask more questions about what the Lead is looking for
- Asking Good Questions to get to know the Lead better
- - they will have training step by step

1. take away
It’s ok that the person may not be right for your business and to let the person go and move on to the next call

2. Its not necessarily the length of the call that is important but how many touches you have with the contact.

3. I found it interesting that the 1st call is not the closing call. It takes a multi step process to close a person.

Geri Budd
I am planning to start calling leads and using some of the wording that I heard on the zoom.
Learning to listen and to respond to them and their needs Just Do it. With practice it will become more comfortable and natural.
There is always something you can glean from others that you can apply to what you do

Where does one begin to share as there were many nuggets. Big nugget is to listen to the prospect and if they say no or hesitate, it is a “red flag” to end the call. Be confident. NWM is like cooking brisket – takes time!!

Shirley Thompson
Mannatech Inc
Having made calls with other leads, I would say be consistent and have fun making the calls.
My communication skills have improved and I know I still have more to learn.
Biggest take away from tonight's call March 23, 2023, acknowledge the prospect especially at the beginning of the call; set the pace.
Get out there and have fun. There are a lot of people who need what we have!

Biggest nugget that I learned tonight is to recognize when to cut off the person on the phone. Generally I would be speaking longer but now I see that time is precious as we need to sprint through a large number of people to find the right ones.

Oliver Lepki
Forever Living Products
To be implemented yet.
Listening better to make better connection.
Yes, team would benefit because it is duplicatable because team members can also get leads and learn.
Very valuable.