To be truly successful in Network Marketing, you need a constant flow of quality prospects to speak with to present your opportunity. Get beyond your warm market, and start talking to real people who are actually searching right now for a Business Opportunity.

Our Real-Time Nationwide Leads are the number one choice for MLM professionals who are in need of a steady flow of prospects to help them meet their daily goals. With our Real-Time Nationwide MLM Leads there are no excuses for not hitting your target. Whether it’s 2 a day or 20 a day, we’ll make sure you’ve got the Hottest Prospects coming in, as fast as you need them!

Delivered in Real Time via email, the second your prospect presses the submit button on the landing page. Respond back immediately, and amaze your prospect that there is a real person waiting to help them get started!

Our Real-Time Nationwide Leads have responded to a professionally designed Internet website, clearly looking to match them with a home-based business. With our, National MLM Leads, you can expand your business across the US and Canada.

These are very responsive online leads generated. Why are they so good? First of all, they have answered the basic questions which are their name their email and their address. They have also gone on further to answer specific questions as to why they are looking for a way to make additional income.


With Each lead you get the following information:

  • Full Name & Postal Address
  • Email Address, Timestamp and IP Address
  • Phone Number

Here are the questions that we asked them:

  • What is the best time for someone to call you?
    • Morning
    • Afternoon
    • Evening
  • Desired Monthly Income?
    • $10000 Plus per Month
    • $5000-10000 per Month
    • $2500-5000 per Month
    • $500-2500 per Month
  • How soon are you ready to get started?
    • Ready to get started!
    • Very Interested
    • Interested
  • How many hours per week are you willing to spend in your new business?
    • 5-10 hours per week
    • 11-15 hours per week
    • 16-20 hours per week
    • 21-30 hours per week
    • Full-time
  • How much money do you have to invest?
    • $250 – $500
    • $500 – $750
    • $750 – $1000
    • $1000
  • The Reason why they are looking? (Text area they enter their own comments)
  • Have you ever been involved in an MLM, Network Marketing, Party Plan or Direct Sales Opportunity?
    • Yes— List of Companies to pick from
    • No –   Does not become a MLM/Network Marketing lead.

This Question is Pre-selected as NO, if the prospect selects YES.  A populated list of Network Marketing Companies APPEARS for the prospect to choose from.


Landing Page (How Long Form Surveyed Leads ARE GENERATED. THE LANDING PAGE!)



When the prospect fills out the first part then Part 2 of the Landing page opens up and they

must fill out the remaining part of the form see below.



To Download

These are great insight questions as to where that person is right now. These leads are generated in real time and are sent to you at that moment. They are shared with two people. This is the most cost-effective way to purchase a lead. These are a great value. Remember, there are millions of people every day looking to make additional income. You have a business that is built through recruiting other representatives, what better way to build your business and focus on contacting interested prospects.

With all orders, we offer a 10% overage.

When checking out please indicate how many leads you would like per day. Long Form Surveyed Leads


5 Question Long Forms with Network Marketing/MLM Experience

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Package 1 $60
25 Long Form Business Opportunity Leads (5 Questions Answered)
$2.40 Each
On check out tell us how leads you want daily.
10% Overage Included.
Package 2 $108
50 Long Form Business Opportunity Leads (5 Questions Answered)
$2.16 Each
On check out tell us how leads you want daily.
10% Overage Included.
Package 3 $200
100 Long Form Business Opportunity Leads (5 Questions Answered)
$2.00 Each
On check out tell us how leads you want daily.
10% Overage Included.