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MLM Leads are the lifeline of the network marketing industry. Speaking to prospects that are interested in your business is the key to your growth. The old way of talking to friends and family still works. However, the Internet is generating over 500,000 people per day that are interested in starting home based businesses. Your friends and family will never go away, especially if you make it big. However, you need to tap into this huge source of people that are looking to make more money.

MLM Leads are the best way of growing your business and at some point you’re going to have to contact your prospects. Don’t think you can hide behind your computer and these people will recruit and train themselves. This doesn’t happen. You are going to need training and scripts. And lots of practice is needed. That’s where the MLM leads come in.

There is so much development you are going to undergo. It’s a commitment, at least 5 days a week. If you want to learn a lot faster and become even better, then you should commit to 7 days a week, three to four hours every day. Training and calling. Understand that if you work your business 24 hours every week it will be hard to fail. Here is my breakdown. Call your MLM Leads at least 10 Hours, 10 Hours of training and 4 Hours of follow up.

The new buzz right now is to get free leads. Really, that’s fine if you’re prepared to learn how to generate leads on your own. Remember it is very expensive to generate free leads, it takes a lot of training and you risk losing your focus. Success is based on focus. Also, it is about duplication. It is easier to teach what I explained earlier that it is to teach people how to generate their own leads.

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