Live Network Marketing Training

We are excited to have the opportunity to give you the MINDSET, SKILLSETS, and TOOLSETS you deserve to get the MOST out of your leads. Leads are people. People are potentially looking for a better life. They are mainly “suspects,” and only become “prospects”, when something in them sparks your interest.

Remember, you are the PRIZE. You have the GOLD in your pocket. You are prospecting to find a few qualified ones out of the masses. That’s your primary job as a direct sales business person. To prospect, to sift and sort, and find the gems that are worth your time to train and develop. It’s the most important job, and there is a science to it. Before I continue, let me switch gears for a moment…

At first sight of the getting a batch of leads, most Direct Sales agents look at the leads with the thought, “Oh, this will be easy. Everyone will see what I saw.” From here, most newbie prospectors, enter into the prospecting process of calling leads with a very unrealistic view, and are setting themselves up for disappointment up early on. Big Mistake #1. Overly optimistic, and assuming every lead will see what you see.

Network Marketing Training


After they figure out, this is not as easy as I thought, they then turn into MR. NICE GUY/GAL, and start people pleasing every prospect to death. Sound familiar? Big Mistake #2. Prospects don’t want you to people please them. They want someone to interview them, qualify them, and tell them what to do.

I could go on and share 100 mistakes here, but I don’t have the space for it on the page.

So what qualifies me to tell you this, and why do you care? Because I have personally made 100,000 plus prospecting calls, and coached thousands on the ART & SCIENCE of prospecting & recruiting leads. I know the mistakes you are naturally going to make, and I want to save you as much pain, trial & error, and flat out struggle that I can.

How will I do this? We will start out by giving you access to 2X Live Prospecting Training Webinars per month via Additionally, we will give you immediate access to some online video interviews and trainings via All of this training is free for now, just use the banners below to access our training!

All of this training is FREE for now, just use the banner below to access our training!

Live Network Marketing Training