Real Time Redirected Short Form Home Business Opportunity Leads Real Time Short Form Redirected Leads Get more real time leads for your Money! Our real time short form redirected leads are an excellent value. If you would rather ask the prospect your own questions, these are the perfect lead for you.

Each lead comes with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date/Time Stamp & IP Address

For more information about our real time leads, distribution, call our office at (423) 536-6200.

Two Powerful Reasons why People Use Real Time Redirected Leads: 1. These leads are the very best we can offer, but rather than the lead going to our generic site after filling out the online form Then they go directly to your site.

2. Prospects are more targeted and focused on “your business” since they have just been redirected to “your site” to see your online movie, read your copy, and go through your presentation.

You get fresh responsive Home Business Opportunity Leads redirected to your website, and delivered immediately to you by email, in Real Time. Our customers are definitely determining Real-Time Redirected Leads like these to be an extremely effective and duplicable way to build a large successful organization.

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Replacement Policy: We will replace inaccurate phone numbers, disconnected phone numbers, and minors on Long Form and Telephone Verified Leads. These leads must be returned to within 14 days of when they were issued. Short Form lead orders will automatically receive 10% overage for any bad records and no further replacements or refunds will be given.

Delivery: We will set up an account at You will receive an email link to your back office where you can access and view your leads online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can download your leads in CSV, Text or even view and print them from the screen.

Real Time leads will be emailed to you and added to your account. If the leads are not delivered to your inbox you can log-in to your personal account and retrieve your leads. cannot be responsible for emails not delivered due to Spam Filters, Junk Mail Folders, etc.

QUESTIONS! You Call Our Office

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