Super Premium Short Form MLM Leads provide vital contact information of interested prospects who recently expressed interest in a home business opportunity. What makes these leads so effective is that they originate as Real Time Redirect Leads.

When an individual completes the contact form prior to being redirected to a website, this information is gathered in our leads database. After a short period of time (1 Minute) we make the contact information that was originally obtained, available as a Super Premium Short Form Lead.

What makes these leads so powerful is they have had limited exposure, and the prospect has recently visited a home opportunity website.

These leads are REAL TIME SHORT FORM MLM Leads are consistently some of the best performing leads that we offer.

All Short Form Leads contain the following contact information:

First Name, Last Name, Email, Telephone and IP Address.


Real Time Short Form MLM Leads

Package 1

100 Real Time Short Forms
Free live training
10% Overage

Package 2

200 Real Time Short Forms
Free live training
10% Overage

Package 3

600 Real Time Short Forms
Free live training
10% Overage

Package 4

1000 Real Time Short Forms
Free live training
10% Overage


Replacement Policy: We will replace inaccurate phone numbers, disconnected

phone numbers, and minors on Long Form and Telephone Verified Leads. These leads must be returned to within 14 days of when they were issued. Short Form lead orders will automatically receive 10% overage for any bad records and no further replacements or refunds will be given.


We will set up an account at You will receive an email link to your back office where you can access and view your leads online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can download your leads in CSV, Text or even view and print them from the screen.

Real Time leads will be emailed to you and added to your account. If the leads are not delivered to your inbox you can log-in to your personal account and retrieve your leads. cannot be responsible for emails not delivered due to Spam Filters, Junk Mail Folders, etc.

QUESTIONS! You Can Call Our Office

(423) 536-6200 Between 10:00AM – 5:00PM EST Monday-Friday.

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I have been involved in network marketing for 16 years and have built two very large downlines. A critical component to success is to have a steady flow of pre-qualified prospects to speak with and a killer system to do the “selling”. Leadpower has perfected the lead generation aspect so well, I recommend them to every member of my team without hesitation. Those that follow the system and contact their leads daily are growing like crazy. It’s really THAT simple. Thank you for providing the high-octane fuel to our formula F-1 engine…with your help, we are absolutely on fire.

I have tried leads from many other companies, by far the leads I purchase from this company I would recommend for anyone. I find them to be very responsive and the closing ratio is great.
Leadpower leads are the best available. I have been with my network marketing company for almost 3 years and have worked telephone leads from the start. I have tried over 20 lead companies and paid as high as $5 or more per lead–Leadpower by far–delivers the BEST leads available in terms of response, closing ratio, accuracy of info, and customer service–search no more for a top lead company–you’ve found it.

Leadpower leads are always very reasonably priced and responsive. 9 times out of 10 the person knows why you are calling and is interested in getting the details about your business. I’ve tried other lead sources in the past, but always come back to Leadpower! And, I have had many enrollments in my business with Leadpower leads! Thanks Guys!!
I’ve been using these leads for over 2 years now and have built large organizations. Not only are the leads of great quality but the support is excellent.I use a simple six step process to train my team. When you have leads who are all looking to start a home based business, this is a very simple and duplicatable process.Cal Faber
Victoria B.C. Canada

I love the telephone verified leads and reccomend them to all my new enrollees. The fact that you know they just asked for information from a live person gives new people the confidence to talk with posture. Thank you Ron
After trying many other lead soarces and spending a great deal of money I was thrilled to find that the quality and consitancy with Lead Power has been wonderful and my team has had some fantastic growth by using Leadpower’s phone verified leads.. I would certainly recomend them to anyone looking to build a business with leads..
Lead Power generates an excellent lead. They are specific to your needs and I have fantastic luck with them. I recommend them to people in my downline all the time and I use them, myself, on a regular basis.I am also very impressed with their customer service. They are easy to get in touch with, they immediately handle your questions, concerns or requests and the staff is very accomadating.I recommend Lead Power real time leads to anyone looking for a high quality lead at a very reasonable price.
I have really enjoyed calling these leads! The people I have spoken to have all been very responsive and most were actively looking for a way to make money from home! Definitely some of the best leads I have used.
Hi I love lead Power real time leads. The first one I called I enrolled and out of 35 leads I enrolled 4 brokers. Chris Gee National Sales Director (AmeriPlan USA)Thank so much Ron
I started a home business to stay home and be a mom instead of paying someone else half my money to raise my kids. Sense me and my entire team has started using LeadPower leads my organization has doubled!! It took eight months to build and in this one and a half month its doubled!! LeadPower has really made a huge difference!! Thanks LeadPower.
Hi I love lead Power real time leads. The first one I called I enrolled and out of 35 leads I enrolled 4 brokers. Chris Gee National Sales Director (AmeriPlan USA)Thank so much Ron
I have to tell you what great success I have been having with your short form leads. I have just started my network business, and in nine days using your leads I have had three enrollments, and many more appointments. Great leads. Thank You
Since using Lead Power Leads, I have been able to meet and exceed the goals that have set for my business. The quality of leads far exceeds other companies I have used, and at a price that really works for my marketing budget! I would highly reccommend using Lead Power if you are looking to take your business to the next level.