The Reluctant Network Marketer, When the Chicken Man launched us in the local market, the skies opened up!!

But there is a chapter that actually comes BEFORE even the Chicken Man. I came home from the meeting in Vancouver where I discovered Calorad and called two key people before I made any move.

I called the formulator of Calorad, Michel in Montreal and listened to his story…how he developed the product. He was brilliant and his added commentary, of course, created the ‘chicken’ story. I trusted him immediately; he was brilliant and kind in equal measure.

He encouraged me to call Rena, a powerhouse nutritional clinician who had studied the product for many years and had two key pieces of the equation.

Rena took off 50 plus pounds using the Calorad! And she kept careful clinical results for years!! Her clinicals were comprehensive and conclusive: the product worked!!

But as is the case for most all of us in marketing, the clinicals and the science were impressive but not enough! They reached the left part of the brain but not the right. To be the leader and the lion I needed to be to make this movement happen on an epic level, I needed my emotions highly involved. I needed the kind of heart-based connection that would allow me to walk through flames to share this product.

I called my mom!!

My mom was and is a beauty; always the prettiest girl in the room. That’s as you know, a blessing and a curse. She was ALWAYS on a diet! I had spent my entire life listening to her rail against the 10-15 extra pounds that she hated. She was literally always starting a ‘new’ diet!

I thought if my mom, who I love the most in the world, loses weight with this product, it will light me up!!! When I told her I had a new approach to weight loss, that I had met a genius who created a formula that allowed you to take a tablespoon of something, go to sleep and wake up smaller, she was at my house in minutes!!!

We measured her: her weight and her inches! And most importantly, I told her not to change anything!!! No shifts in eating or exercising, just take the tablespoon at night before sleep. She was cautiously optimistic but eager!!

I must admit I called her too often, every day, sometimes twice! After one week, she just came over to my office with my dad. They were beaming! Gladie had lost two inches around her waist and was wearing a dress that didn’t fit one week earlier. My father and I danced around her like she was the May Pole!! In the end, she lost 14 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes. But that moment she felt her first results, changed MY life forever! That one experience moved me, inspired me and kept me clear and focused for 15 years!!

And it gets better!!!

My mom’s results and enthusiasm were contagious! One day, her friend Eva noticed that Gladie looked really good. Gladie explained that her son got her take a product that allowed her to go to sleep and wake up smaller. Eva bought a bottle and showed up one month later at one of my living room meetings. We had a good crowd, 30 or more people and when I asked who would like to share their Calorad experience. Eva, who I really didn’t know at the time, came boldly forward and shared.

“For most of my life’, she said, “actually the last 20 plus years, I felt my thighs touch when I walk. Only three weeks after taking Calorad at night, I no longer feel them touch!!!”

And the crowd went wild!!

It’s 30 years later, I still feel the excitement of that moment. I can close my eyes and see the pure joy on Eva’s beautiful face.

And those two experiences were all it took to fire me up and inspire me to meet and exceed the challenges that inevitably come with building an empire.

In fact, thank God for Eva’s thighs because moments later, an opportunity opened up that took the campaign to a whole new level and, of course, that’s the subject of our next chapter.

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